Thursday, August 12, 2010

Week 2 in the MTC

Yo everyone!

So week 2 has been just has busy if not busier! A letter from my DAD SURE MADE IT INTERESTING. Dad I love you but was about to riot when I read the email about the BMW. For all those who do not yet know about this, let me paint the picture: I recently got a letter from my parents just about newsy things. The very last thing he writes is about cars and the last sentence reads as thus: "The BMW is new to our automotive family, a 128i, rather unexpected, but a really good deal, (and a lot of fun!)." What am I supposed to take from that other than my family had taken the liberty of buying a BMW 1 series a week after I leave. Ask my roommates, I was all hyped up after I read that. I wasn't mad, I was like "Oh come on!" and all high energy and such for about 20 minutes. But a day later I got another letter clarifying that it was my aunt's BMW, not ours. Gosh, I was relieved, don't want the poor old Taurus put out to pasture already. So, Dad, you are a punk for wording it like that, but I love you still and it makes for a funny story. First funny mission story already under my belt. Check.

So life is busy here. No time for leisure time, I mean even this email is timed. But I am gaining great joy as I live better. I spent more time in chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel (PMG) and worked on patience first. Ga, the lines in the lunchroom are unreal and as many know, I love waiting. WRONG. I would just as soon sit down and eat cereal and "wait" it out, which I have done. But I am working on patience and asked the Lord, and guess what companion and I got sick. Ga. But with patience in the back of my mind, I really think I did quite well. So careful what you pray for. I am currently working on the attributes of faith and hope. They are pretty much intertwined, and thought I could do better with each. So lets see what happens this week.

Speaking of sickness, I had a nasty nose and I got the redness around my eyes again. Can someone very quickly ask Dr. Mike what to do? I think it has something to do with Utah's extremely dry air, but they were red and flaky. Mom, you know what I am talking about, it happened once in high school. (Here is the test of patience again). I tried using some dry skin lotion that seemed to make it worse, and stopped applying it and one eye got better. Its just really dry skin, and is uncomfortable, so can Dr. Mike shoot me some answers ASAP via Dear Elder PLEASE?!

So Devin and Jare-Bear are priests, eh? (Notice the Canadian word usage, its natural already) That's weird, but they are so ready. They are studs and are the next wave of young men that people will look up to; much, much better than I. To think that other kids like Scout Callens look up to me mixed emotions. I'm just a hyper-active 19 year old who in his past few months seemed to embrace his childhood to a new level and decided to get Nerf guns and listen to loud music. But I am extremely grateful for them to consider me someone whom they can look up to. It was always fun including Scout and Truman, who to me, go together like PB and J. I know they may disagree with that, but what the hay. Speaking of those Callens...Callens I want to hear from you! I will try to write before I head up to the Great North, but time is so constrained!

Oh ya, Mom and Dad, where the heck is my Captain Canada shirt?! This is driving me insane! AH! I got you brownies (thank you very much by the way), but was like, where is my shirt?!

Darn Mariners, why did you fire Wak? Obviously they haven't been on too long a win-streak since I left.

I want the world to know that I can still label every car in the MTC parking lot by name and brand. We will see how long this lasts.

Dad, thank you so much for going up to Monte Cristo with me. That may be my favorite hike of all time not simply because it was an old abandoned ghost town in beautiful western Washington (which does put it really high up there), but because I really enjoyed our time together. I look at the picture on my scripture case when I pick it up and just smile. I love you Dad.

So back to the MTC, things are trucking along here. I just got a hair cut and look pretty cute. My companion, Elder Mitton, and I were given the task of being Zone Leaders in the MTC for the next week. Not that that means a ton in the MTC, but we are in charge of 3 districts (about 30 missionaries) and we are having a good time. I accidentally ripped one of my pants when sitting on this obviously poorly constructed chair and have to sew that up. Natalie knows how good I am at sewing, so I have an adventure ahead.

Thanks to all who have written me! I can't believe Ashley Johnson's letter got through as addressed to Elder Teej Galbraith! Ha! I am doing my best to get back to as many people as I can! Thanks to all! I'm running out of time!


Elder Galbraith

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