Monday, August 23, 2010

From Winnipeg 8-23-2010 Part 1

I read your email...and I guess the first thing I should say is "Hi from Winnipeg!" Yes, I am in the northwest (ya) part of Winnipeg in a neighborhood called Jefferson. No, I am not close to Aunt Susan, they are in the very southwest corner by the look of it. She would likely have heard of Jefferson though. To answer some questions...

The wards are huge in area here. "Wards" is pushing it. Hardly (if even) about 100 active members in the ward, and about 200 inactives. So not the greatest retention. Ga! I have so much to tell you, but only 20 minutes on this computer! I will explain my situation later, but this time crunch should only occur today, being the first time I get the library card, which answers another question: I have computer access in the library and am currently typing my letter in the little kids section of the Jefferson Winnipeg library. I am using one of those old school mouses (?) designed for 3 year olds that has a big ball in the middle and 3 buttons. Enough of that though. No printer whatsoever.

I love emails, but only have so much time to read and write. So letters are better if possible becuase I can hold them in my hand and read them when I have time. Now, because I am in Winnipeg, I should get mail every week, but when I am out in the boondocks, AKA Flin Flon and co. I will only get it once a transfer. That means once every 6 weeks. But mail is still preferred if possible. It just stinks because it will cost about a buck for every letter. But I hope my friendship means more than a dollar to most. But I will do my best to get back to most people as soon as I can, just a little forewarning: don't kill me if it takes a while, because I probably have not yet got it! And then there is travel time...

Ok, now that that is out of the way, on to better things. My companion is Elder Woods, from Pima Arizona. He is a quiet guy, but he wrestled in high school. Good stuff. I like him, he is a hard worker, which is what I wanted. We will get things done. Something that is difficult for me is that in the mission field we have to be really subdued in our language (I can't even say "cool", I mean what the heck? I can't say what the heck either! Ga!). I guess its all part of the growing up process. I feel older by acting older, but I am still the same old me.

Ooh, something for Nate and Brendin: at the MTC they were serving STEAK SANDWICH! Inside joke, but I definitely ate it and loved it. Nate, keep the Soundgarden stuff coming, its just fun to hear. Dad, even with the BMW incident I still trust you and need you for car stuff. Mom, I love you. And thank you so much to everyone that emailed or wrote me in the MTC! Thanks! But I need all the support I can get out here in the field, its really not that easy. Well I need to wrap this up, I will see if I can snag another computer in my allotted time. Hope to hear from you all soon!

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