Thursday, June 28, 2012

Like herding cats

It has been sooo busy. Transfer week is a killer. Whenever missionaries come from out of Winnipeg to the "big city" they stay at our place because we have extra beds, and we had people Sunday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night, Thursday night that all? Oh, sure seems like more than that. Exhausting, but of course, rewarding. We had our weekly reports come in last night and a number of things from the Zone Leaders were wrong and we were scratching our heads late into the evening. As one of my favo(u)rite elders says, "it'll all buff out" and it did.

13 new missionaries. 11 new elders and 2 new sisters. 6 new elders went to Saskatoon and the remaining stayed on this side of the mission. Thursday was a nonstop day. It started with all the new missionaries meeting at President and Sister Paulson's home (Mission Home) for breakfast for 31 people. Yup. Thank goodness all I had to do was arrange rides and places to sleep. From breakfast everyone went to a nearby chapel. It was heartwarming to see 10 or more cars packed with missionaries going to the Academy Rd. chapel. Too bad no-one knew how to get there so mid-way through the trip--at a stop sign---I got out and went from car to car telling everyone the directions how to get there. Thank goodness they were easy directions. The meeting went until noon and went ok with only a few minor hiccups. Seeing these new missionaries "all green" reminds me how far I have come. Lunch, then the busiest part of the whole week---Transfer Meeting. Normally at the church we had to coordinate between 2 places because all the Saskatoon elders had to leave for Saskatoon by 1:30 to make it back by 9 their time and everyone else met at the Dalhousie chapel. Wow. What an ordeal. It was like trying to herd cats. I can sympathize about wanting to talk with everyone, but a number of people were just waiting around. I would ask, "Are your bags packed? Are they in your assigned car? Did you get your supplies? Do you have your mail?" The typical answers were yes to all, and then I would say, "ok, then go to your area". That all lasted until about 3:30, then departing missionaries had some exit interviews and then supper at the Paulsons, then the Farewell Fireside. Then home, at about 10, with things still to do, but I enjoy being busy. I sure was!

You asked about Elder Skinner being gone and how things are now? To be honest, it's a little hectic trying to get Elder Deeble completely up to speed in half the time that I had, and a lot of anticipation for things to come. I miss Elder Skinner. I learned a lot from that man. At the Farewell Fireside something very unexpected happened, he offered me a hug and I started to cry. Oh boy. I never expected that. I am striving to be the best example to Elder Deeble and the rest of the missionaries that I can be. President Thomas will arrive Thursday afternoon and President Paulson will leave Friday morning. I sure will miss them, but will welcome President Thomas openly.

Jessica and her family continue to struggle to come to church. I worry about them. Elder Deeble and I found a lady named Kelly that we will meet on Thursday that has a lot of potential. We are looking at renewing our teaching pool among all the things going on. Ha, Elder Deeble and I looked at the upcoming transfer and there are 7 days all transfer (excluding Sundays) that he and I will not be involved in traveling or exchanging. Phew. 

Mom you did a great job with your profile! I stopped reading and immediately looked at it when I read that. Dad, you're next...

My prayers are still with Auntie Sharon.

I especially liked the last sentence of Mom's quote. We do all we can after keeping God's commandments and we know it is in His hands. This is especially true of missionary work.

I loved the way Dad opened his portion of the email!   (I told him a few things about Vulcan)I read it to Elder Deeble and he just laughed. I laughed again when you mentioned that Mom just cried when she saw the nametag. Haha. I was smiling the rest of the email after that. I really liked what you said about seeking the natural missionary opportunities instead of the "insane bravery". Let me tell you, there still can be a lot of that in normal situations. Remember a few weeks ago when I emailed and mentioned how I asked inactive members how the Book of Mormon has enriched their lives? I knew something was coming, and I invited them to read it and promised them that it would change their lives if they seriously asked God and acted on His answer. Sounds like you 2 are trucking along. Keep on keeping on. I am glad to hear that you are spending so much time with family. That is what is important, eh?

After talking to many, many people throughout my mission and even before it, it seems that the world in general does not understand what The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believes. I want to do my part in declaring what we believe. As a representative, I testify that the Book of Mormon is true and that it is of God. I testify that the Bible is of God as long as it is translated correctly. The Bible and the Book of Mormon work together in testifying of Jesus Christ, and only together do the 2 books fulfill the Law of Witness from the Bible that by the mouths of 2 or 3 witnesses shall all things be established. The Book of Mormon is no "add-on" to the bible and does not contradict what the book of Revelations says at the end of its final chapter because the book of Revelations is strictly discussing the book of Revelations. Revelations was written after many books of the New Testament, possibly even after the gospel of John himself, and if so we would have to discredit John's own gospel writings. I have seriously researched these things for myself and am thankful for the scriptures we have that make these things known. I testify that Jesus Christ lives and is the cornerstone of His Church today. I testify that we are lead by prophets today as in the days of old. How do I know these things? From God's simple assurances. The fruits of the Spirit as listed in Galatians 5. The Bible teaches to ask God to know if things are true. Missionaries invite all to do the same.

The past week I have listened to John Bytheway's talk about how we can gain spiritual truths and strength from the war chapters of the Book of Mormon. It is a must. Will you all read or listen to it?

To close I wanted to include the lyrics of the song we sang prior to the sacrament yesterday at church. Entitled Reverently and Meekly Now, I think this is one of my favorite hymns.

Rev'rently and meekly now, Let thy head most humbly bow.
Think of me, thou ransomed one; Think what I for thee have done.
With my blood that dripped like rain, Sweat in agony of pain,
With my body on the tree I have ransomed even thee.

In this bread now blest for thee, Emblem of my body see;
In this water or this wine, Emblem of my blood divine.
Oh, remember what was done That the sinner might be won.
On the cross of Calvary I have suffered death for thee.

Bid thine heart all strife to cease; With thy brethren be at peace.
Oh, forgive as thou wouldst be E'en forgiven now by me.
In the solemn faith of prayer Cast upon me all thy care,
And my Spirit's grace shall be Like a fountain unto thee.

At the throne I intercede; For thee ever do I please.
I have loved thee as thy friend, With a love that cannot end.
Be obedient, I implore, Prayerful, watchful evermore,
And be constant unto me, That thy Savior I may be.

I love the lyrics to this song and the last 2 lines are my favorite because I can feel just an infinitismal amount of pain as He says, "be obedient I implore..." We must show Christ we are willing to give up our vices to follow Him and that our weaknesses be made strong through Him.

That is all for now. More prep work for this upcoming week. Love you all,

Elder Galbraith

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Here Comes Summer!!

     Elder Halstrom with Elder Galbraith

Seems like things are hectic and busy back home. I will include my family in my prayers, especially Auntie Sharon.

Life has been non-stop and I don't think it will ever slow down from here. I haven't been to bed before midnight for a long time. probably want to know who I am serving with now. Well, Elder Deeble is from Campbell River, BC, on Vancouver Island. Elder Deeble and I put in a total of something like 23 or 24 hours on specific travel arrangements for missionaries coming to Winnipeg and leaving. 13 new missionaries are coming in and 5 are leaving, Elder Skinner is one of them. By the way, Elder Skinner is with a zone leader from Coaldale, AB for the last week of his mission as I am now with Elder Deeble full-time. Elder Skinner was difficult to "figure-out" but I really learned a lot from him. I think I learned the most from Elders Butterfield and Skinner of my companions so far. Elder Skinner's family is coming Thursday and will stay with him in the Winnipeg area until Sunday. Anyway, back to this week. Busy busy busy. President Paulson gave a going-away fireside last night to members of the stake in Winnipeg. It was spirit-filled and inspiring as he shared many miracles that occurred while he served as Mission President for the CWM--the best mission in the world. In his words, "our mission should be so good that anyone who was not called to the Canada Winnipeg Mission would be disappointed that they were going to nothing more than the 2nd best mission in the world." He is right. This is the best mission in the world. Speaking of President Paulson, I do appreciate the advice that you gave me with the incoming Mission President and allowing him to lead the mission. I fully intend to let the Lord's called representative do what he has been called to do. But like I said, I appreciate the good reminder. PMG chapter 4 mentions a similar principle at the end of the chapter.

Another exciting thing happened that I know you will like. President Hallstrom of the Presidency of the Quorums of the Seventy came and visited Pres. Paulson a few days ago and toured the Mission Office and---my apartment. He was very impressed, and Pres. later commented that our apartment was immaculate. Oh ya. I shook Pres. Hallstrom's hand, took a picture of him and chatted for a bit. are going to love this...Pres. Hallstrom mentioned that he had been in the Calgary Mission that morning and had just landed in Winnipeg. Sister Paulson (also there) mentioned my parents were born in southern Alberta and he asked where. "Mom born in Raymond, raised in Cardston..." He knows a lot of people from both places, many people in the church do...then I mentioned go-ol' Vulcan Alberta. Vulcan seems to come up a lot lately. He chuckled and said that he had been talking about Vulcan, Alberta about 3 hours prior because all the missionaries in the Calgary Mission seem to love getting a picture in front of the Star Trek spaceship in Vulcan and that Vulcan is something of a special place to be. Again, from a General Authority. Ha. Go Dad.

To give you a brief outlook to my next few weeks: this week is transfers and complete chaos. Next week is when the new mission president comes and President Paulson leaves, the following week is ZLC, the following is Manitoba Zone Conference and interviews, the following is Saskatchewan Zone Conference and interviews...I am really looking forward to giving it my all and doing my best to have no regrets. I so greatly appreciate your support, but please don't mention things like finishing or ending my mission. That is in the back of my mind.

Jessica and family had a rough week but a few of our Chinese investigators had good weeks where they progressed well. They are starting from square one. Literally.

I had a few interesting insights while reading from the "war chapters" of the Book of Mormon. I really wanted to gain additional understanding about what lessons these chapters contain in them. For any who read this and are unaware, the Book of Mormon has about 20 chapters describing a civil war. The Bible similarly has many war chapters, and I am completely confident that all of these war chapters in sacred scripture are included for many reasons, not just to describe war. In the war chapters of the Book of Mormon I thought they can be likened to the church under attack from the Adversary. Some weaker forts (people, groups, congregations, etc.) may give way--even some strong ones too. New cities were erected in old times in defense of the enemy, and new people accept Christ's restored gospel. God will win this spiritual war, but we are being proven now and how devoted we are to God and where he is on our list of priorities.

I know God loves all of His children and that Jesus Christ as a resurrected being taught the people in the ancient Americas. I know that I have felt the feeling of the Holy Spirit, whose peace and joy are undeniable. I stand as a witness that God lives and people mock me for it. Too bad. Standing for truth never was easy in the scriptures, why would it be now?

Love you all,

Elder Galbraith

PS--I have not had ANY time to come up with a logo, so I am sticking with the maple leaf and The Office people inside with The Office written right next to the leaf. It's pretty good. I don't even have time to think, draw, doodle or twiddle my thumbs...well, teaching tonight, with finding too, then phone calls to investigators and potential investigators, then call-ins with the Zone Leaders in MB at 10 and SK at 11. Bed...whenever

Hard at work planning transfers

Monday, June 11, 2012

Stop speeding up the clock, already!!

Time is moving fast and I just have to keep up...

Have you heard of the weather here? The sky just about fell yesterday. I saw hail the size of grapes. I will let the pictures do the talking.

This week has been focused primarily on one family that we recently started teaching. Jessica and her family recently moved from Ontario where they were taught by missionaries for a few months. Now we are teaching her and 3 of her 4 children (youngest is an infant). We have taught them nearly every day this week trying to help them make their baptismal date of June 23rd but today and yesterday they realized they needed more preparation. I have spent a lot of energy the past 2 days trying to help this family...phew...these past few days have reminded me that when I spend a lot of time on other's behalf I begin to love them more. That must be one reason why mothers can love so much...

Have you created profiles yet? Missionaries are now asked to create profiles so that others can view our testimonies. We can also get on during lessons and show investigators people's testimonies on and some of the videos and Mormon Messages. It's so good! So get on and make a profile so that people investigating the Church can feed off your testimony and conversion! This past week I was browsing for an investigator and on the right side under a selection of 12 random names I saw my Uncle Bob who lives in Georgia. Funny thing. Great writeup and testimony by the way, Uncle Bob. Another face I saw was one of my MTC teachers. It really is a small world. So go and make one!

I have a challenge for my immediate family. Because every member is a missionary I want to challenge my immediate family to give a missionary pamphlet out (Restoration of gospel of Jesus Christ, Plan of Salvation, Gospel of Jesus Christ or any commandment pamphlet)  before August. That gives everyone plenty of time to seek a missionary experience and to invite someone to learn of the restored gospel. About half of the baptisms in this mission (and others I would assume) are referrals. That should remind everyone that members are vital to spreading the gospel, its not just up to the full-time missionaries. We find, but our calling is to teach. So, will you all commit to doing that before August? I know the Lord will bless you in your efforts to share what you know to be true. I know that He will put people in your path. Pray for help and it will come. So, will you?

So Dad...lately I have had lots of opportunities to introduce myself to people and even where my parents are from. People LOVE to hear that my Dad is from a town called Vulcan. Oh...its an instant conversation starter. I was on exchanges with some elders in the city this week and at one house I mentioned that my dad is from Vulcan and they jumped in and made the Star Trek handsign and started laughing and said "No way, really?!" Then while still getting to know them I asked if they were fans, they said "of course" and we talked some more about that and on to other things. It was a pretty good bond. This bond allowed me to be very bold with this member's siblings who were there and not making the best choices. Knowing they were inactive I asked if the Book of Mormon has helped them in their lives....silence...oh, I was so nervous but didn't show it. These siblings went on to describe their situations and I invited them to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and that it and the Bible have brought me to Jesus Christ. I testified and then the active member said some good things to them and I left shortly after. I felt I had fulfilled my purpose in lovingly and boldly inviting them to come again unto Christ. I know that the connection that was formed at the beginning was important to allow me to say those things. Thank goodness for Vulcan. It's helped me out, ha.

As for cars I have seen 2 new Camaro ZL1s. They look pretty good. I can't wait to see that new Shelby though...I want you to all know that I have very disciplined with cars on my mission. I don't pick up car magazines or newspapers, but I do gawk when I can. Then its back to work.

Wait, from your Mariner news do the Ms have Kevin Millwood or is he on the Dodgers? I couldn't tell with your wording, and if the M's have him, that's a huge plus. My guess is you would have said something if we did though...

Happy early Father's Day to Dad! I love you and greatly appreciate the love you have shown and given me. Thank you Dad. Love,

your son,

Elder Galbraith

More on that weather....not too many other pictures this week. More rain this week. Lots to do this week with Transfer Planning and the new Assistant will be coming in later this week. I know who it will be but he doesn't yet and won't until about Thursday. At that time Elder Skinner will go and work with the new Assistant's companion for the next week. The 4 of us (me, Elder Skinner, new AP and his companion) will likely all be staying together at the Mission Office for the first week. we go! I'm leaning into the wind and running!

Elder Galbraith

Missionary poem

Elder Skinner and another missionary gave talks on Sunday and both did a great job. The other elder, Elder Wilson (a great missionary) shared a poem that his trainer gave him, and where his trainer got it, I don't know, but it’s by Elder Lanny D. Owens, whoever that is. Thanks Elder Owens, whoever and wherever you are, for this poem.

The alarm rings at 6:30; I stumble to my feet
I grab my companion's bedding and pull off his sheet.
A groan fills the room; is it already time to rise?
It seems like just a second ago I was able to shut my eyes.

The morning activities, prayer, and such.
When it's time to leave the apartment, you feel you haven't accomplished much.
"We have a super day planned," my comp. says with a grin.
I lowly utter a faithless breath, "Yea, if anyone lets us in."

With the word of God and my faithful Schwinn, we ride off in the street
Prepared to face another day of humidity and heat.
It's 9:30 in the evening, the day almost through;
My companion and I are riding home, not accomplishing what we thought to do.

We ride up to the mailbox, hoping to receive a lot.
Only to look inside and hear my echo reverberate, "air box"..
We go up into our apartment, the day is now complete,
The only thing to show for our work is a case of blistered feet.

It's past 10:30pm, my companion's fast asleep
Silence engulfs me all about and I begin to weep.
In the midst of all the sadness I kneel down to pray;
I need to talk to Father, but I'm not sure what to say.

"Oh Father," I begin, "What happened to us today?
I thought we'd teach somebody, but everyone was away.
My hands, my aching hands--worn, hurt and beat;
If only our area was any smaller, we'd knock down every street."

"Why on missions are the days so much alike?
The only difference about today was the flat tire on my bike.
Will you send me some cooler weather? The heat is killing me.
I sweat so bad, it gets in my eyes, it's very hard to see."

"Why do I have to wear a helmet, isn't your protection enough?
People always laugh at me and call me stupid stuff.
Please send us investigators so I may give them what they lack;
I want to give them Books of Mormon, the weight of them hurts my back."

"And what about my family? They don't have much to say,
I'm sick of not hearing from home, day after day after day.
Oh Father, why am I here, am I just wasting time?
Sometimes I just want to go home, I'm sorry but that's on my mind."

"My companion, Heavenly Father, what are you giving me?
The way he rides his bike, I don't think he can see
Now you have it, I can't go on, I don't know what to do;
That, my Father in Heaven, is the prayer I have for you."

My prayer now finished I stand up, then jump into bed.
I need my rest for tomorrow; we have another long day ahead.
Sleep starts to overtake me, I seem to drift away,
Then it seems a vision takes me to another time and another day.

I'm standing alone on the hill, the view is very nice;
A man walks toward me and says, "My name is Jesus Christ."
Tears of joy well up inside, I fall down to his feet,
"Arise," he states, "Follow me to the shade--you and I need to speak."

My attention's toward the Savior, total and complete. He says,
"Your mission is similar of what happened to me
I understand how you feel, I know what you're going through;
In fact, it would be fair to say I've felt the same as you."

"I even know how you felt when no one listened to you.
At times I felt not quite sure what else I could do.
I know you don't like to ride a bicycle, for you a car would be sweet;

"I understand you don't like sweating, in fact it's something you hate;
I remember when I sweat blood from every pore, oh the agony was great!
I see you don't like your companion--you'd rather have someone else--
I once had a companion named Judas who sold my life for wealth."

"It's hard to wear a helmet and have people make fun of you.
I remember when they put thorns on my head and called me King of the Jews.
So you feel burdened down by the weight of your pack.
I recall how heavy the cross was when they slammed it on my back."

"Your hands hurt from tracting and knocking on doors all day.
I guess when they pounded nails in mine, they ached in a similar way.
It's hard not to hear from home when your family's not there to see;
I lost communication on the cross and cried, "Father, why hast thou forsaken me?"

We have a lot in common, but there's a difference between us you see,
I endured to the end and finished my mission, so follow and do like me."
He embraced me with his arms, His light filled me with His love,
With tears in my eyes, I watched as He went back to the Father above.

I stood in awe and wonder when a beep rang in my head,
I listened and heard the alarm, then realized I was in my bed.
My companion let out a groan, "6:30 already, no way!"
I sat up and said, "Come on, I'll even carry your scriptures today!"

No matter what we go through, when we feel we can't take more,
Just stop to think about Jesus Christ, He's been there before.

Elder Lanny D. Owens

There are days that are difficult whether on a mission or not. Either way, Christ is there to help us. He has suffered all and know how to succor us in any time of need (Alma 7). I hope you feel the Spirit here. I love you all, you can put this on the blog, I just wanted to send it separately because of its sheer length.

Elder Galbraith

Monday, June 4, 2012

June?? Already??

Sounds like you have done your fair share of traveling too! First off, my hand is fine. I shouldn't have even mentioned it. I still have a small scab left but its healed up. I just used my other hand for knocking doors, no big deal. Amputation was a good guess though. No my camera is fine, I just don't take it out proselyting and forget it all the time for special occasions. To clear the air, President Paulson leaves June 28th and Elder Skinner will be here until about June 20th or so. Still have time.

I am glad that I am serving in Canada for lots of reasons. The CWM is the mission for me, let me tell you. It was about 30C (86F) here for a day or 2 and I was about done for. Elder Crandall recently wrote me and mentioned that it rarely dips below something like 25C. Ugh.

Interesting thing happened this week. I got a call from Auntie Susan letting me know that Auntie Judy was coming to Winnipeg. So guess where I was Saturday about 6? I got to see both my dad's siblings! Seeing my family without my parents there had a slightly different tone--to me, I was with my family because I want to spend time with them. I have always loved spending time with family but I felt a more direct bond because it was me, not my parents...does anyone know what I mean? It was a good time. Unfortunately it had to be somewhat brief because I had to be in another part of town at 7, but it was a good hour. I will attach a couple of pictures. Daniel, Jeremy and Benjamin must grow a couple of inches every time I see them. Look how tall they are!

This week was a blur. On one hand it seems like Specialized Training (which was on Wednesday) was an eternity ago, but on the other it seems like it just happened. I think part of the reason this week seemed so long was that a lot happened and that I finally feel like I am getting the grasp of what it takes to be an effective Assistant. There is so much! I feel like I have begun to master the bookwork and that I am seeing the vision of what it takes to better help missionaries be effective, be bold and fulfill their purpose. Like President Paulson frequently says, if we are obedient to the mission rules and live the gospel we missionaries cannot help but get a lot out of it. So, while doing all we can to boldly invite others to come unto Christ, we missionaries are also building ourselves--it's inevitable. Like I have mentioned in other emails, I am working on frequently bearing my testimony and and being bold (bold with love as the motive). Though not perfect (sorry Mom) I am doing better than before. I work on these things while finding and while teaching. There is a special power when I am on someone's doorstep and I look them right in the eyes and say something like "I testify that the Book of Mormon is true and of God". I always shake people's hands. My mission has helped me there. I have noticed that my mission has helped me with other little things that will help in a career someday: shaking someone's hand for instance, looking them in the eyes, people skills, shining my shoes, buttoning my suitcoat, dignified language, the list goes on. When was the last time you heard me or saw me write "awesome" or "cool"? It's taken some getting used to (A LOT), but now that I am better at using dignified language I FEEL more official. I feel a little smarter too, to be honest. Another testimony that when I follow my leaders I am blessed and things work out. Go figure. And that is only the temporal part of the whole 2 years! Spiritually, I have increased leaps and bounds. There is something refining by going and sharing your beliefs with someone else, and something even more refining about inviting someone else to learn about what you believe about God. No easy task. I wish Mom and Dad could experience tracting and street contacting. Maybe Dad and I can go on some missionary split or something with the elders in Idaho and go finding and teaching.

I had a few experiences this week which affirmed to me that I am a total missionary--which is a great thing. While knocking a door a couple young kids walked up from the driveway and asked the homeowners if they could get their frisbee which that accidentally threw over the fence. While the homeowner ushered the kids through the house I tried to make a sarcastic comment that I never had sports equipment go into someone else's yard (something that happened to me all the time) but it ended up coming out that "I never threw my scriptures over the fence". I didn't even catch what I said, the elder I was with started laughing at me and I had to think about what I really said. Ha. Well, like I said, it's only a good thing, eh? To contrast that, I remember an experience in my 2nd transfer where I had it blatantly pointed out to me that I still had some adjusting to do. I remember Elder Butterfield and I were arriving at a member's place for a meal appointment and as we were walking up the path to the door the member's children opened the door and started waving and shouting "missionaries! missionaries!" And you know what I did? I looked behind me. Sure did. I looked behind me and saw our car and then it hit me like a steamroller----I am a missionary. Oh. I will always remember that experience with Elder Butterfield. So, big contrast.

A recently returned missionary in Winnipeg gave a visual presentation of his mission on Sunday night. He returned from a mission which included Kenya and Tanzania. Talk about a different experience. He had pictures of giraffes, rhinos, impalas, monkeys and more, but he had to pay the price of cockroaches, scorpions, huge spiders, severe heat, weird food and 3rd-world living conditions. I am so glad I am in Canada!

I was reading in the Conference issue of the Ensign and I really like the talk by Elder Perry, "The power of Deliverance". The talk discusses experiences in the Book of Mormon and the Bible and how the scriptures will deliver us from evil, trial, etc., but only if we heed God's commandments. Only then do we have God's promise. I know for myself that the scriptures DO have power in them to deliver us from those things. I know that. I looked up the scriptures he cited and spent a lot of time in 1 Nephi in the Book of Mormon, analyzing different things. I will have to show you in person, but that 1st chapter of the Book of Mormon has the 1st references to SO many things, and is a beautiful introductory chapter to the divine book. It includes the first references to loving families, to God, to Christ, to the Apostles (much of this in a vision), to the Holy Ghost, to prayer, to visions and a lot more. The more time I spend in that book, the more I find. Truly the Book of Mormon is from God. Speaking of which, many people I visit with believe the Book of Mormon is true, they just do not act on their answers from God. One of many examples that we need to believe in Christ and to act on that faith! (for even those possessed with devils in Israel during Christ's mortal ministry knew that Jesus was the Christ) Faith without works is dead (James 2:17).

The only traveling I did this week was a quick early-morning trip to Brandon, MB and then spent Saturday morning and afternoon in Portage La Prairie, MB. A missionary had left their driver's license in Winnipeg and so we delivered it to them in Brandon in person.

Odds and ends...Way to go Devon Munk! Scripture chase master. Good to hear that K1 is still the best....I had someone do a special design for me. A senior missionary wanted me to make a design that they could remember me by. What did I choose? Remember back to I-Falls and my squirrel ladder? Well, I just threw in a little gospel flavor. I will let the picture do the talking. Oh, I will send the picture in another email because their file sizes are too big for just one.

Love you all,

Elder Galbraith