Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hi from Winnipeg

So I made it to Winnipeg in one piece! Flying in I only saw brown farms--let me repeat, only brown farms. But as soon as we hit the city of Winnipeg it suddenly turned green. That's what I am talking about. But I have never seen a flatter horizon in my life--not in Kansas, not in Oklahoma. No hills, nothing. But its still cool! I was freaking out with the plane landing, I was going crazy knowing that this is where I am going to spend the next 2 years.

In future emails I will tell you specific spiritual experiences I had in the MTC, but today only one will have to suffice. On the plane ride I saw a man with a Seahawks jersey and I got all excited. I sat at the back, next to the bathroom. When he came out I quizzed him where he was from. He told me he was from Winnipeg, and had only visited Seattle, but had liked it. At this point the host lady was passing out drinks and he couldn't get by if he tried, so he sat down and we chatted for a bit. He even mentioned seeing the temple! After a minute or so, he mentioned he has a coworker who is a member and I immediately whipped out a pass-along card and told him to surprise his coworker by giving him the card and saying he talked to missionaries. I told him about and some. Super exciting. Then he left. Good stuff. I got so excited when I realized all the implications of the visit and the prospect of him looking into the gospel. I'm a missionary!

But a side note, we 4 missionaries going to Winnipeg were sitting in the front of the airplane and were politely asked to sit in the back to "balance out the weight". The Lord works in discreet ways and I know that my experience would not have happened should we have not been asked. Good stuff.

I really enjoyed talking to you two this morning. I love you both so much. I hope you are keeping up on the blog and keeping my facebook somewhat alive. I keep hearing good things about the blog! So keep that up. Love you. Keep me updated on the car and mariners scene. Love you.

Part 2:

Ok so I am in the mission home right now and definitely will not be able to email you back to back like this again, but here we go:

I forgot to mention 2 things:

1. My P-Days will be on Mondays
2. To mail me something, the address will have to be in this special format:
Canada Winnipeg Mission
(name, so Elder Terje James Galbraith or Elder TJ Galbraith)
845 Shaftsbury Boulevard
Winnipeg, MB R3P 0M5

The mission office says to put the Canada Winnipeg mission on top!

I told immigration that my parents are both Canadian citizens and that I was not born in Canada, but the US. They went over a few things that were, quite frankly, over my head and told me that I am a Canadian citizen. They did not give me a visa. They told me to verify that one or both of my parents are citizens. They gave me a website to go to, but how would you recommend proving this? I will keep you posted.

Plus, I find out tomorrow where I am going. Tonight I teach for the first time. Cross your fingers!
Love, Elder Galbraith

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