Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 5, 2010

Greetings from Provo! So this is my first P-Day since arrival and my first chance to write anyone since the MTC strongly discourages writing letters any day that is not P-Day. So, here I am! Well my Mach 2 has been geared to Mach 3, so you got off easy! I guess I will just quickly describe the events after "The Departure" and apologize for any spelling errors in advance due to me having to type everything within half an hour. So here we go:
Ya, the plane was late leaving but arrived on time. I ended up taking the Shuttle down to the MTC, no problems there. I was quickly dumped off and there I stood, in front of this jail-esque building. I could not decide between "Well, great..." and "here we go", but in I went. I quickly received my name tag and all the goods and was escorted off to my room then classroom. I waited for the rest of my district to arrive, then we went to classes that night. My companion's name is Elder Mitton, and he is from Saratoga Springs, right across Utah Lake.
I am always doing something! When people said I would be busy in the MTC I thought there would be momentary breaks to do things, but heck no. I am busy from 6:15 in the morning to 10:30 each night (I have to wake up early to stand in a short line for the showers, or not shower at all due to a huge line). But like I said I am always studying, praying, singing, teaching, eating, something!
The first 5 days were rough. I asked myself why I was here, what I was doing and if I even enjoyed this work. Well, after a devotional Sunday night I now ask myself "Why the heck didn't I share the gospel more?!" It took coming to the MTC and reflecting to realize that without the gospel I would be nowhere near I am right now. It has blessed my life in so many ways I cannot describe. I know this is the Restored gospel. Trust me, I know discussion 1. Also, a message to all families out there: Start using Preach My Gospel! If you find yourself saying, "we have other ways of getting the message across-" I don't want to hear it. It was written in heaven and given to us on Earth. So unless you know better than God, strip yourself of pride and start using it. I guess I am so adament about it because I did not use it near enough and people NEED to know, understand and live what is in it. So read, understand and apply what is in it! I know that I have been happier living its principles and can testify of its divinity. I promise all who read it that they too will be happier. Sorry, had to get that out of my system.
Great to hear from you Mom and Dad, Nate and Alicia. Nate, you are still a goof, so thats good. Nate keep me updated on Soundgarden while you can, and Dad, where are the car facts? Killing me. I absolutely love letters! So everyone please send a hard copy or Dear Elder!
It is kind of tough seeing Y Mount in that I am not at BYU. I miss BYU. I know I will be back in 2 years, but I already miss many friendships there. Its bittersweet, knowing I am close to where I had some of my favorite memories, but knowing that I am making very different ones now.
Here in the MTC it is a constant feeling of the Spirit. I have been pondering the statement "turning our hearts to Christ". I have come to realize that that statement is no easy task! Especially as I spend all day every day studying and practicing teaching, but still feel that I need more time. Lots of ups and downs the first few days, but I feel better now. Its exciting, really.
Oh Mom, where is my captain Canada shirt? I am eagerly waiting! Ga!
So a message for anyone wanting to contact me: is great, so are normal letters. I can't read emails except once a week, so those are not preferred, especially since they take away time from writing emails such as this. Thanks everyone, please write! I am eager to hear how everyone is doing!
Elder Galbraith

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