Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Still winter

Wow, I appreciate all the updates. You are right, we got another blast of winter but again it was a quick in-and-out experience and time will only tell if it holds on. -27C (about -17F) was the coldest it got here overnight. Brrr. I am going to just apologize in advance if this is a little dull because I have been under the weather for the past few days, nothing bad, just groggy throat and fatigue. Then again, P-Day activity wore me out--I absolutely HAVE to give it my all there because it's the only time I get to run around. But no worries, I paced myself ok.

Oh ya, Elder Dunn and I are both staying in YSA Regina! Very good news.

This past week was eventful. We had the temple trip (more on that later), transfer calls, Elder Dunn and I had to plan travel itineraries for those being transferred, the film crew got some footage and all the other goodies of missionary work packed into a single week. Whoa. The morning of the temple trip I surprisingly sprung out of bed at 4:45 and pulled the weary Elder Dunn out of bed. No one fell asleep on the way there either. Because the Regina temple is a smaller temple it was a new experience for me to be inside a smaller temple. Different. What impressed me most was the amount of peace in the temple. Everything was just peaceful and I felt like I got a great spiritual boost being there and I felt like I understood a lot more than I had previously. I felt like I had a number of new insights during the session that I had never thought of before. Just the peace alone that I felt in the temple was enough to reestablish to me that the gospel is restored. The Holy Ghost cannot testify of error. I also feel impressed to remind those that may be reading this that the temple is a place that is very sacred. As such, the things that go on in temples are extremely sacred. I really like the fact that the general public is permitted throughout the temple before their dedications, to prove that these things are sacred--not secret. If a secret, why would we encourage ALL members to attend the temple? Certainly God has standards of worthiness, but He invites all worthy members to come to His house. Afterwards the district here in Regina went out to breakfast, and to let you all know, Elder Lyons (from Raymond) is moving to Winnipeg, so I took a few pictures of the 2 of us and will send them to you soon. One more thing to add, is that a man that helped me in the temple was the guest speaker in church and he gave a magnificent talk about the temple. Sure was great.

As for the documentary, Elder Dunn and I were interviewed--each interview took about half an hour, and then the next day they took videos of us just walking up and down the street. I am very careful here, because I recognize that I represent the Church as a whole. Elder Dunn and I always do the best we can to be positive and never anything negative. Our object is to help--not hinder--the work, after all, right?

As for the work itself, I realize that I have not been very specific lately. We have 2 progressing investigators and one, Sarah, is really on fire. Her goal is to finish 2 Nephi by the next time we meet (probably in a day or 2). Last night she was on 2 Nephi 15, and 2 days before that, 2 Nephi 2, so it looks like she is breezing ahead of the Sunday school schedule. She recognizes that her life has improved dramatically since we began meeting and she is DYING to come to church but is working with her hesitant parents. Things will all work out, and they have so far, so thank you for the prayers. We were not able to have any investigators attend church this week, BUT a less-active that we had stopped by (and not met...was not home but gave his roommate our number) called the bishop and came to church and is a fireball. His name is Preston and I am so excited for this guy! He is so upbeat and really will affect our work. He knows most people in the branch, and will definitely help us to help others come back to church. I seem  to have a theme in my past few areas: rebuilding, but I love it, and I enjoy seeing everyone grow and I think about the members that are at church and those missing. I like these small congregations. Very different from what I was used to growing up. Oh, to add a bit, the Saskatchewan Zone had the most people out to Sacrament Meeting that they have had since I have been here. Investigators at Sacrament Meeting has been our zone goal and we nearly hit our goal, but the zone is tasting success there, and I hope they are hungry for more.

Dad, when you said you had a "heart attack" I about had one too. But, after further reading my blood cooled. I laughed, but jokingly said "you're a punk", but you would probably expect nothing less. Love ya, Dad. (The Young Women of the ward snuck up to our front door and plastered it with paper hearts - Kim called it a 'heart attack').  Mom and Dad, that is exciting to hear about your citizenship paperwork going in. You are likely saying something like, "about time". Thanks again for the updates. Go Delaney! We'll have to play volleyball when I get back. It's on: I will NOT get humiliated! Then again.......thanks for the baseball news too.

Ya, let me know what Spencer's plans are. Sure love you all Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!

Elder Galbraith
                            Elder Lyons (from Raymond) & Elder Galbraith

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