Monday, February 20, 2012

Feeling better

Well howdy. After being sick all week I am finally doing better. I had a few days where I was just exhausted and sick. Ugh, glad that is over. I'm not 100%, but now that I have my energy back I feel close to it.

The past week was tumultuous with sickness and trying to help people keep appointments, but we had some big successes too. We have stopped-by a number of less-actives (LAs) that we have been assigned to visit and 2 of them really were receptive. In fact, I feel very special connections with them both. Both of them just required us stopping-by and inviting them to do a few things to get them to want to come back. One of them we stopped by had just moved in from Prince Albert and was a recent convert and was nervous about meeting tons of new people, but when we invited her to FHE (Family Home Evening) on Monday night she had a blast. She loved every minute and is really sociable and got along with everyone. She stayed afterward to talk with the bishop. Wow. For another LA we just stopped by and left his roommate with a card with our number on it and said we would stop by another time. Instead, he called the bishop and arranged to meet with him and has come to church the past 2 weeks and is a totally gung-ho guy for missionary work. Wow. Those experiences reminded me that there is power in simply extending the invitation. Many will respond positively, it's just up to us to invite. Simple, eh? No, it's just a matter of who is prepared or not. I seem to do a fair amount of LA work on my mission, but I am absolutely happy with that. I just like to see people make changes in their lives--that is rewarding.

Other than that, our investigator Sarah is coming along. I often forget to update you on how our investigators are doing because I have guidelines as to what sorts of things I can say and not. Many of the things we teach, especially some of the commandments, may require some people to make sometimes serious changes in their lives. Because I cannot say, for example, "Timmy is overcoming a drug addiction and is going to see a doctor", I often just forget to mention anything. But here we go. We have small teaching pool, but meet with a few less-active members often. Sarah is reading like there is no tomorrow and should be in Jacob by now and is gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon. We found out that she has close family members that are members, which she didn't know until a week ago or so. So, wow! Our baptismal date Leo moved his date to March 24th. He has been difficult to meet with and we are trying some different ideas as to how to best help him, because he does want to progress and be baptized. Good things are happening, just slowly.

The zone needs some more excitement and Elder Dunn came up with a few great ideas. He is pretty creative and I am the type to help him get it done. So we are going to mention them in ZLC (Zone Leader Council) and see if they "pass". Oh, this whole experience as a Zone Leader is pretty stressful at times, but rewarding too. Tiring too. But, speaking of ZLC, Elder Dunn and I are traveling into Winnipeg this week to attend ZLC, where we have a day full of training and counciling. This happens every transfer but only every-other-transfer is it in person. Last transfer it was over Skype. On our way to Winnipeg we are going through Yorkton, SK to pick up furniture from the missionary apartment that they are closing there. I hear that that area is beautiful. We head to Yorkton Wednesday morning, arrive in Winnipeg about supper time and ZLC is that night and most of Thursday. You will have to wait and see how it all goes!

That is weird that you met that family again in Idaho. (Shirley and I met a couple Saturday evening that had lived in our ward in Kirkland years ago.)  Yep, small world. And, "Lead Kindly Light" is my favorite hymn, so that would have been great to hear.

Can you please give me Grandma Jeannette's address? I can't find it and I have a Valentine's letter I would love to get off to her. Sorry, Grandma, you have to wait, but I had it all ready for you before I realized the problem! Doh.

Thanks for everything! Nothing would be better in life than having Lance and Spencer as roommates at BYU. Please keep me posted with everything. In fact, can you either get me his email or have him email me? Oh, that would amazing. I appreciate that! If things just don't work out, I may be able to find a person or 2 up here in the mission to come room, but I look up to Spencer a lot and that would be a dream come true.

Thanks for all the updates about family, and even sports. I can sense an added energy to your emails since you have moved. Simply from that, it seems as though the move as helped, but now having family so much closer must be a dream come true. I am happy for you all. That's about it folks, love you all!

Elder Galbraith

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