Monday, November 7, 2011

Winter approaches

Well, last week's P-day was on Halloween, so I guess this is legitimate.  Remember Kenora's Holy Hand Grenades (exploding the Gospel)?

White specks falling from the sky...the most amazing part is that it is Nov. and we are finally getting snow for the first time. I would think this is all fun and fine except that...I am travelling to I-Falls today!!!!! Bittersweet! I am going to I-Falls for an exchange with the elders there, who are in my district, and we will be doing our weekly District Meeting in I-Falls. Oh, I am so excited! The only problem is that snow. Why did it decide to do that the day I am to drive to I-Falls? Ga.

Another great week to be a missionary in Kenora and the Ontario district.  We have been able to teach more, and to teach certain people more, which really is what I want to do.  To fill time with finding, not fill finding with appointments.  Oh, what a difference, even though finding is much more enjoyable with the surveys (I never have really not liked finding, but teaching is fulfilling my purpose better).  Derold and Kenny are coming along and I love them both.  Kenny came to church and just ate it all up and contributed a ton and said it felt like home.  He still has some challenges to overcome, but I think he is a solid baptismal date.  Derold loves us, he is just afraid of a few things and did not end up coming to church, ga.  He now knows the Book of Mormon is true, and we are working with that to help him to realize more.  A highlight of the week was last night, after we had met with him and he texted us this: "Hey you guys the Book of Mormon is really jumping out at me it’s really neat how God is showing me things in there that is really awesome thank you guys".  That is what missionary work is all about.  We gave Derold a winter coat, and were able to give him a blessing too.  What a great person!

This week I am still trying to focus on BEing a missionary and not just DOing missionary things.  I definitely can see some fruits of the Holy Ghost.  When the Holy Ghost is truly working within someone, they shine.  Wow.  What a difference.  When younger, I remember thinking that some people or phrases would come across as "fake", but I just had not understood that the Spirit can communicate that way.  Basically I am saying that some people describe the Holy Ghost using certain phrases and I did not believe them.  But sometimes, a phrase is often used a lot because it's true.  The Spirit just feels good and enlightens thoughts.

While out finding we ran into a lady whose family is mostly in Alberta and members of the Church.  She said they have long lived in Cardston.  Mom, do you recognize the names Phil and Colleen Parrot, from Cardston?  Their son married this individual's daughter.

I forgot to write down the razor's model.  Doh.  How much would replacement blades cost?  If they are like $40, I would just go ahead and get a nice razor I saw at Walmart.  It was a straight razor, instead of the circular blades, and I think those get better shaves.  But I will look at the model again, it had an X in it, but that probably gets you nowhere.

A member here makes Christmas treats.  Could you send some Christmas candy recipes?  Maybe just include them in your next letter or something.  Speaking of Christmas, I wouldn't mind something with the Winnipeg Jets.  Something Jets, that is blue, with the logo, instead of "Winnipeg Jets" written out.  I would much prefer the logo.  Whether it be a binder, toothbrush, hoodie, sunglasses, just Jets.

Why the earlier emails?  Today because of the I-Falls trip, but I think I will be emailing sooner with Elder Perkins.  He just really prefers it.  Every P-Day is very different from the prior one.

Sure love you,

Elder Galbraith 

Looks like he's still a little crazy - glad he's not all grown up and serious.

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