Monday, November 14, 2011

Good things happening

Yikes, signing off from Redmond...scary, but definitely for a great cause.

Oh the trip to I-Falls was beautiful and a great trip!  It was lightly snowing that morning and then it stopped right as we got into the car and the roads were great.  Right as we returned to Kenora and stepp out of the car it began to snow again.  Coincidence?  Hmmm.  God disguises his miracles as pure coincidences to the world, and as Bro. Oster says, there is no such thing as a small miracle.  It was great seeing I-Falls again, definitely a little different, but not too much different.  I stopped and saw the Osters (minus Sis. Oster who was at work) and it was SO good to see them again, but don't tell Bro. Oster that.  Also visited with a few members as we were in the area finding.  Great to see them all.  I made sure that the I-Falls elders knew as I was coming down that the purpose of the trip was not for me to see everyone that I taught, but to have a productive exchange and if that included seeing members I would absolutely welcome it.  So Elder Mitton (my MTC companion now serving in I-Falls) and I went and taught...Bro. Wilcox! It was SO good to see him too and seeing him and others really reminded me how much I love the people I work with.  For the lesson, Elder Mitton and I did an object lesson (that Bro. Oster gave to me) that discussed doing the basics of the gospel, continually building oneself from the inside-out and then going to the temple. Bro. Wilcox is beginning to prepare for the Melchizedek Priesthood!  How amazing is that?!  Wow.  I look up to him as a MAN who has learned from his past and I told him that I look up to him because of that.  It was neat being there with Elder Mitton because it was almost symbolic of me being one (with Elder Bodily) who found him and helped him to baptism, and Elder Mitton assisting him to being a full-fledged member working towards the temple.  Oh, it was one of those legendary lessons.  As Elder Cutler would say, "A choice experience".  Speaking of the Cutlers, I will be paying them a visit after my mission down in good ol' Shelley, ID.  All in all, the exchange to I-Falls was productive and a spiritually strengthening, yet it is still good to be back in my own area of Kenora helping newer people here.

Speaking of Kenora, good things happened this past week.  Derold came to church!  Oh, finally. I really want him to do so well. Ha---he just walked in and gave me a hug.  Good timing Derold. He came and stayed for the first 2 hours of church and really enjoyed it.  He participated in 2nd hour and really felt welcome.  He did not want a ride to church and instead walked like 3 miles to church and we met him there.  What a trooper!  He had to walk by like 4 churches and his old church to get there!  Yikes.  He has limitless quotes, and my favorite is "I am a huggy, kissy guy".  Oh boy.  He always gives us hugs during lessons thanking us for different things.  He was so thankful that...well...he fulfilled his quote and my neck is scratchy.  But it was so worth it because he is receiving answers.  He is one of the most spiritually sensitive people I have ever met.  Other investigators...Kenny had an emergency over the weekend and could not come to church last minute, so we have to move his baptismal date back because he needs more Sundays to come to church and live commandments.  This next week will be very formative with the material we need to present (Lesson 4).  Keep praying.  We have a new investigator, Alex, who is hoping to hear back from a reality TV show tomorrow.  (I am learning that I have to be vague with some people's identities over the internet, so I can't tell you the show name or people's last names) Alex is really unique because he knows nothing about Christianity other than Jesus died on a cross.  Not his fault.  We are helping him out.  He literally knows nothing, yet he came to church last week.  He is super musical and he got me to go to some choir's practice in another church last week.  I figure it is a good use of 45 minutes to really get our name out in town showing that we are REAL people.

A member had us out to eat and had a Norweigen exchange student over named Jens.  We were talking and began to discuss differences between Canada and Norway.  He said a lot of things, and we asked him his last name and I slaughtered it trying to say it correctly.  He said it a few more times and between each time I would say it and he would emphasize a different part of the name.  I totally got it.  Elder Perkins tried and he and Jens were trying to go at it for like 5 minutes.  Jens would say his name and Elder Perkins would butcher it and Jens would slap his forehead (a really good sport about it all) and laugh and say it again and then Elder Perkins would try it and Jens would shake his head and Elder Perkins would laugh and say "what am I saying wrong?"  The response: "all of it".  He eventually got it.  Then I told Jens my first name, something I rarely do, and his eyes got wide and was like, seriously?  He pronounced it totally different than I have ever heard it pronounced before.  I always said Terje like ter-e-yuh but Jens said it like Tarr-euh, with an "a" like a cat sound and rolling his "r".  Whoa.  It took me the rest of the night to get it, but I think I did.  I'll stick to saying it the way I did, just knowing that Norweigens say it a little differently.  I will call it the Americanized or Canadianized version. Funny evening though.

Look for a big week ahead: transfer calls this weekend and hopefully lots of lessons.  Elder Perkins and I have a goal to always say positive things all week.  So far so good.  Next week is a special week, however, with my P-Day on Thursday instead of on Monday because of the way transfers and American Thanksgiving work out.  So don't expect an email from me on Monday, but on Thursday.  I expect a lot is going to happen back "home" with the move.  Good luck!  The yard and house look really good.  Funny that Mom included the little bit about Luigi because I was wondering how he was doing with the move and how he was going to get moved.  Cute cat. The last thing I still have to write is that razor model: Phillips Norelco 7110X, with 62V/4W power.  I figured I would include the power but I don't think it would matter too much.  Anyway, that is all from Kenora.  Elder Perkins is great, I am doing well, being a District Leader is not too different, but the extra work helps me focus better.  Thank you for your great email.  Over and out.  Love you all!

Elder Galbraith


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