Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

This week's P-Day was changed to Thursday to coincide with American Thanksgiving.


You already know that I am still in Kenora so that spoils all the fun! I am SO glad to stay here with Elder Perkins and we have high expectations as to what will happen here in the next 6 weeks. Many people are "on the verge", but more about that later.

I am SO glad to hear that everything went well with the move and that everyone is ok--including Luigi, the little guy looks like he is gaining some weight, little chunker, ha. But seriously, I have been praying for you for the past 10 days that you both be blessed with patience, a sense of calm and safe travel. Wow, I had to wait 10 days to hear that you did travel safely, but it's worth the wait. Great to hear that it appears like life will immediately continue for you both, especially Mom starting work so soon. Good! That is a blessing in and of itself. So your new ward wanted a writeup about me? Don't tell them anything too scary. By the way, did I ever get a missionary plaque? Just curious. If I did, let me know which scripture made it on there. Do you need a picture for that, or for your writeup? The nice thing about this whole Thursday P-Day thing is that I can quickly respond to you by Monday. Fancy that. You mentioned how many boxes I had...ha. Funny thing is that right after I left I realized I did not do a good job of packing up anything. Ha. Sorry, sure love you though!

Oh this past week and a half. Lots of good things. Elder Perkins and I are definitely fulfilling our purpose. We are especially excited about Alex and Derold. Derold has been super nervous about coming to church and did not come and Alex has been busy with different things. Both of them have called us the past few days and told us that they have received answers but won't tell us what kind of answers until we meet with them. We are going to meet with Alex in about half an hour, so after this I expect some interesting news! All of this comes after a while of worrying for them both. Oh, this past week I have been stressing (not too badly, but a bit) about what they both need and trying to be personable and extend the types of commitments they need that will help them progress. Poor Derold, we have been super bold with him and he let Elder Perkins know about it. Poor Elder Perkins, he was dumbstruck for a day or two, but he is learning as a newer missionary. I am really impressed with how well he is doing because I don't treat him like a new missionary, I treat him like he has been out for a while, but every now and then something pops up and I am like, "oh ya, he is new". But Derold is forgiving and I am now taking the front on being bold with him in a loving way. He needs the boldness. Similar to Alma and his experience in Alma 36, I see that when you endure good times and tough times with someone that you grow closer to them. I see the same with Derold and think how difficult some things are because I want him to choose the right (and for the right reasons, not out of obligation to me, but out of a love for the Lord and a desire to grow closer) and see the blessings. He is coming closer and how exquisite is his joy at times, and bitter at other times. I hope that all made sense. Just before emailing today, Elder Perkins and I got fed by a Filipino investigator of ours and let me tell you, they know how to cook. Lucky Elder Munk, right? That individual is someone who is taking a little longer that others, but is making baby steps to Christ and the restored gospel. As I mentioned earlier, we are teaching 2 people specifically that are on the verge of receiving their necessary answers before committing to be baptized, its just that agonizing time when you want to give them your testimony. It is all good though. That is part of the fun, right?

Alex invited me to sing with an all men's choir, did I tell you that? Well he did, and it has been going really well. I have been there the past 3 weeks and am trying to sing tenor. Oh boy, that is sure up there. They hit Fs, Gs and a B flat. Ya, I go falsetto there. Elder Perkins and I were thinking of ways to get our name out and I believe this is a way of doing it. Everyone is remarkably friendly and ask me a few questions and even still call me "Elder" in respect. Members of the Kenora branch have told us to try new ideas of finding people. I believe this is a way of softening hearts and have seen one heart softened in particular. He gave a Dryden elder a former HMS hat, but that is a story for another time. You will have to make note of all the times I say that! That is about all I have for now. Have fun on black Friday right? I will be snuggly in bed.

Winter is pretending like its coming here. This past week has been weird. It was -20C for a few days and I didn't have wool socks on. Enough said. Elder Perkins has never been in sub 20F, so he's been in for a treat. Poor guy. His ears are as sensitive as my hands and feet. But right now, its above freezing and the snow is melting--in late November!!! What is going on? This is like winter in Seattle! Yes, Mom and Dad, I am driving more cautiously now that there is snow and ice. 4 wheel drive helps.

Well, I really am glad to hear that the big part of the move went well. That is a prayer answered. Continue to draw closer to God through kneeling prayers of sincere thanks and secure the Lord's blessings by binding him with your obedience to His commandments. There is sincere and everlasting joy in doing so. I love and keep you in my prayers and will email you in just a few days. Happy American Thanksgiving! I'm missing that traditional Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl, but it will come in its own due time. I love you all!

Elder Galbraith
Enjoy this morning's sunrise in Kenora! I love this place!

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