Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Companion

Because of the holiday, we had wondered if Elder Galbraith could get to a library on Monday to send out his letter - guess not.

Looks like you are getting your email on Tuesday.

Elder O'Driscoll is gone and safely at home in Utah. Elder Pacis (pronounced passes) is my new companion and he is brand-new to missionary work--and the gospel. He is Filipino and a convert of about a year and 5 months ago--only member of his family--from Puyallup (Pew'-al-up, a city south and east of Seattle). Ever heard of it? President Paulson sure had a fun time trying to pronounce that and just gave up and asked me to. Ha. 2 missionaries from Washington serving in an area that looks a ton like western Washington. He is eager to share what he knows. Ha, I remember being really hesitant when I was first out, and training him has given me a chance to really see how much I have grown since I first came out into the mission field. Lots of growth, for sure. He asks me about things and brings up concerns that I don't think I have seriously contemplated since I was in northern Winnipeg my first transfer. Poor guy, he is nervous on doorsteps, as every new missionary is. This whole situation is interesting because it puts me in  the position of a teacher as opposed to the sponge which absorbs everything. Stark contrast between Elder O'Driscoll and Elder Pacis that way. Oh, he is deathly afraid of spiders and there are TONS of spiders here. Yesterday we were walking up to a door and I heard this shriek right next to me and I turned around and he was sprinting down the driveway...running from a spider. Funny sight. Lots of funny stories during someone's first transfer! Oh, another good story: Elder Pacis takes more pictures than I have seen anyone ever take before. So this morning we were driving into Dryden, ON (~2 hours away) for district meeting and he was taking all sorts of pictures and the car in front of us stopped at an intersection and he got out and came to our car upset, asking if we were taking pictures of him in his car, and Elder Pacis froze, and I explained that he was always taking pictures and that he wasn't targeting him (this guy worked for the postal service and had a postal service car). Elder Pacis put the camera away for...5 minutes.

The work is still slowly moving forward. We have a number of exciting potentials that we should soon be working with. We had 3 investigators at church: Rob, Crystal, and Warren. Nic and Crystal are still doing well, but Nic really misses Elder O'Driscoll. He had to work on Sunday. Crystal, however, is seeing some of the benefits of the gospel and has expressed that she has seen a difference in her family since we started teaching them. Things are going well. I feel a little weighed down because of an incident yesterday with someone in the branch. They are semi-active and we have been visiting them weekly and they have really, really enjoyed the visits. We had asked them to give a ride to someone to church and I won't go into specifics, but they showed up and were not able to give them a ride (I have to be super vague across email) and last night we called to at least tell them thank you for being there and willing and they told us they never wanted to see us again. Ugh. So I have called a few local priesthood leaders and explained the situation (in more detail, ha) and they say things should work out, but I still worry. I firmly believe I did not do anything wrong, but there is some miscommunication somewhere. Don't know. Ugh, you become so connected with people on your mission! Other than that, things are good, and suddenly the members are really excited to help out and give us finding ideas. I will let you know how everything goes!

That is great to hear all that from Max and Muna! Tell them hi for me and thanks for being great neighbors--sorry--neighbours. You mentioned that I would come back to Kirkland and give a talk? Was that right? I love the sound of that, just as long as we are able to fit into those busy few weeks I will have between my release and school. Anyway, I love you all, I pray for the selling of the house daily, and for you as well. Godspeed.

Elder Galbraith

  Old friends - Elders Galbraith, Mitton, Bodily, and Dunn

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