Monday, August 29, 2011

End of August??

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! 40 years. I've been around for half of that! How does that make you feel? (OLD!!) I remember going and staying with the Crandalls at the beginning of most school years while you went on a brief get-away...Back on track...Exciting for you 2, for sure. Happy Anniversary!

Sounds like the open house went pretty well! Oh, the house definitely looks stunning! Wow. Things seem to be really moving along.

Well, Elder O'Driscoll is on his way out, and we are heading into Winnipeg on Wednesday a day early (transfers on Thursdays) because I am going to be training a brand new missionary! Ha! And the best part is that is all I know about him--nothing. He could be a big Tongan who could squash me, a Mexican who is a soccer star or a skinny little choir kid. I literally know nothing about this missionary, but I will meet him Thursday morning and we will then be heading back to Kenora. Yikes! I guess I am a little nervous, but I am really excited to be able to feed off his "greenie fire" and (hopefully) teach him a few things. If he is willing to work, we will get along.

To answer a few of your questions: numbers at sacrament meeting have been in the ballpark of about 60 people. Lots more than I-Falls and Fort Frances (what I am used to). Nick has been doing just as good as we can ask for: he fed us, so he is good in my book. He has actually fed us a few times now, but this time he fed us breakfast on Sunday morning. Oh, I love my breakfast. Anyway, Elder O'Driscoll and I have started teaching a Filipino guy named Jan, who I am really excited about. Jan the man. He is from the Philippines and saw Church buildings back there, but never asked any questions or talked to missionaries. Probably saw Elder Munk, who knows? No, he has been here for a number of years now and is working here to save up money to bring the rest of his family to Canada. He is in his 20s or 30s (all Filipinos look young) and is super humble. Initially he has said that he only wanted to talk to us to learn new knowledge, but has asked a few sincere questions showing more commitment. Other than that, this past week was another difficult one with a lot of effort and very little results. For example: My patience was beginning to wear thin when a man stopped us on the street and really just wanted to fight over doctrine. We answered his blatantly insulting questions calmly and clearly, but he kept spouting off (people are ridiculous when they are prideful and irrational) and even anti'd a golden contact that we had. He will stand accountable before God one day. Kenora has had more anti-mormon sentiment than all of my areas combined and people's negligent attitudes against us test my character. It's so easy to get frustrated, but I think I am getting better at shrugging it off--or laughing it off when people are super ridiculous. If people only knew what we believed and did not blow it out of proportion...Things began to pick up by Friday, and the past 2 days have been much better and I have had a better attitude as I have gone out.

Saturday night we went out to a member's parent's place - they are the people that have the dogsleds, so they showed us all 16 dogs they have. I took some pictures, and my favorite dog was one named Durango, who had tons of energy. I played around with him and had a blast for a couple of minutes. If I stay here another 2 transfers, I am going to try to do some dogsledding!

Elder O'Driscoll did a mission tradition this week: he burned a suit on his 2 year mark. Our mission is actually 2 years and 1 week, so on a missionary's 2-year mark it is tradition to burn a suit because they are always thrashed. So I got a video of him burning this thing. He doused it with lighter fluid and it was going. I still don't know if I am going to do that or not because my suits are pretty decent, but then again, I have only been out a little over a year...

I am still working on sewing my Kingsmere logo into my scripture case. It takes so long! Still haven't shown you a picture of our Kenora logo--that will come--hopefully next week. You definitely will not be able to guess what this one looks like!

I loved that car article you sent me about the Ford Super Duty! Poor M's...they need to get it in gear! How is Ichiro doing at this point of the season?

Keep up the good work, I am praying for you and the house daily.

Love you,

Elder Galbraith

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