Monday, September 12, 2011

Over a year

Kenora Holy Handgrenades: just exploding the gospel through missionary work

We got fed a ton this past week, which is good. I haven't had 5 member meals in one week since Saskatoon about 9 months ago. Weird that I was first transferred there 11 1/2 months ago, huh? I'm at the point in my mission where I can start saying things I did in the mission field a year ago. Weird. Good thing that the bed bugs were over a year ago. President Paulson still jokingly reminds me of that.

Nic and Crystal are still doing well. The past 2 weeks I had kind of wondered how Nic was doing because he really connected with Elder O'Driscoll. We visited with them on Thursday or Friday night and we had a good discussion about family history work, which was a follow-up lesson with Crystal because Relief Society talked about it a week ago. She had a few questions after things got going, and Nic even (being the tough-guy) contributed, which was good. Thanks, Mom, for the family pedigree chart, which I definitely pulled out for an example. It got used! I referred Nic and Crystal to a few family history sites, and Crystal even mentioned how her mom had some of their work done, and that she could look at her family's work. Oh ya, that lesson was for you, Mom! Last night we visited with them again and we read passages of the Book of Mormon with them and they both got really into it. That really shows the power of the Book of Mormon, trust me. Crystal asked if she could be baptized, knowing that Nic could not because he has to get divorced and then married first. It was so hard telling someone that they COULDN'T get baptized. UGH! I am not supposed to do that, ha. They both must get married before either can be baptized, and Nic needs to get divorced first (still waiting on papers, could take up to another 2 months...) before they can get married and then they can both get married (running out of breath) and get baptized and live happily ever after! So, that is their situation. Now I remember why I started the whole thing...a member asked the branch for help to do his roof, and we volunteered to help, and we brought Nic along. Perfect fit! Nic is a roofer and met the member and Nic said that was pretty much the first time he had ever given anyone service like that, and that it "kind of felt good". Funny how that works. AND...he came to help immediately after going and roofing for the entire morning for work. Other contacts...Elder Pacis and I tracted into an absolutely golden contact named Ginger and we taught her and she had questions about baptism! That doesn't happen too often. You really appreciate those kind of doors because of all the other 1000s in between. I was really glad that Elder Pacis was able to find someone like that for the first time because he is kind of homesick. On the other hand, his teaching skills have drastically improved the past week, but it's still funny every now and then...who knows what will come out of a greenie's mouth? He screamed again on a doorstep yesterday when he saw a spider, but this time did not sprint off like he did last week. Oh, he is a "good duck" as Elder Morris would say. One last thing about Elder Pacis--I have NEVER, and I mean NEVER, seen anyone take as many pictures as he does. We counted how many he took in his first week in the mission-field alone, and...any guesses as to how many he took? 250. I am constantly taking pictures of him, it's so ridiculous that it is just funny now. Oh boy...

I love the car news, keep it coming. Keep saving the Car and Drivers for the 2 years I'm gone. I am really looking forward to the day when I get to breeze through them all. Just a little piece of heaven right there...a member emailed me a car made by Chevrolet called the "789", which looks amazing. You probably have seen it. It looks like a 57 Chevy from the front, a 58 from the side, and a 59 from the back. You should send a picture of the new Beetle because Kenora does not have a VW dealer and after 14 years I am eager to see a redo of that "chick" car. Poor Seahawks...did I tell you that I traded Elder Bodily for a tie that has stripes that are the same color as the Seahawks? Oh, I love bright colored ties with stripes, they are the best, hint hint.

Sure love you all. Keep Kenora and the CWM in your prayers.

Elder Galbraith

Forgot to answer a question of yours. I played the piano last week for the first time for months. I am teaching Elder Pacis how to play. I miss playing it and relaxing that way.

Here are some pictures from the week.

One picture is of me feeding a deer at a doorstep. He actually came closer and licked my hand. The second is a view of Lake of the Woods from a member's place north of a town an hour away called Sioux Narrows. Use Google Earth and find that and look at the scenery out there. Lake of the Woods may be my favorite scenic place ever. Maybe. It's towards the top...the 3rd picture is of a beaver dam right next to that member's place. The member has a 200 foot dock and lots of snow and lake toys. But none are fun or allowed for missionaries...

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