Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gone fishin' (again)

Hey, I am a little late in sending my email today because....I went fishing again! I caught my first walleye! Oh, it was great. The Dryden elders came in for exchanges and so a new missionary, Elder McDanel, and I went fishing off of the same member's dock as last time. Not as many fish as the week before, but still a good amount of fun.

Sounds like a lot is happening! Sheesh, its weird having my family moving and I am not helping or anything. Just stay calm and relax. Although I think Seattle itself is infinitely better than Boise, I do agree that this is a wise move. Everything considered, definitely a wise move. No, the move won't affect me too much because I will probably be at school and such for most of the time. Don't worry about me at all. I have moved through a number of wards/branches lately anyway...Munks going through the same thing right now? K1 will sure be different, but will survive...

We get transfer calls this week. Elder O'Driscoll is wrapping up his mission and I will get a new companion. I have no idea who is coming out. I am pretty sure I will stay here for a while longer. Kenora is essentially Winnipeg's resort town, it is so beautiful here!

Nick is still doing well. He and Crystal came to church yesterday and stayed for Sacrament Meeting. He will definitely get baptized soon as we are just waiting on some paperwork to come through for him. What is challenging is that we do not have any other progressing investigators. We are still finding people to teach, but they are so non-commital! This past week we tracted into a 90 year old who reminded me of Grandma Jeannette because he had more energy and "spunk" than a 6-year-old at a carnival. This guy, Ken, goes on morning and evening jogs, reads his Bible numerous times every day and just prayed for God to lead him to a church. He had some nasty experiences in the past and then prayed to be led back to a church. Then we showed up. We taught him twice this week, but when we showed up for the 3rd appointment he told us that he wanted out and that he would be moving. We know that he had family in town for the weekend, and I am so convinced that his family either anti'd him or scared him out of joining The Church. I call those sorts of people "Agency-thieves" and I cannot stand them. Ken was prepared, but people still have their agency. I have such a testimony that God is preparing people! Either I am terrible at teaching people through referrals, or am just guided by the Spirit as I tract because 4 of the 5 baptisms I have been a part of have been through finding, and we found Nick who will soon be baptized. I don't say that to brag, but I know that the Lord is preparing people! Sometimes it is SO mentally difficult to keep going after hundreds of people slam doors or cuss at you or whatever. I have seen it all, and it all happens often. But people are out there. We have to have the courage and faith to find, then we have to be caring and bold, and guide people to the gospel. But like a horse to water, we can only bring people to the gospel, we cannot force it upon them, nor is that our objective at all. Obviously Heavenly Father's Plan for us is centered on the ability to choose. In fact, he watched 1/3 of all his children rebel in heaven. Imagine his pain as he then watches those spirit children attempt to harass and tear down his other children on earth. He truly is the perfect parent by not intervening and allowing each of us to grow from our trials....yes, I had good studies this morning, if you are wondering!

Oh, I have to tell you about the nasty room we cleaned up at a member's place. This individual that stayed with them literally up and left, and left EVERYTHING! His room was the nastiest pit of garbage I have ever seen. I didn't want to take too many pictures because I was kind of trying to hide the camera so the member didn't feel bad, even though he was amazed at the nasty pit of garbage that was left. I still tried to sheepishly take pictures. The carpet was literally caked in smoke ashes and cigarette butts, and pill bottles were EVERYWHERE (sketchy!). Clothes everywhere, garbage everywhere (he never took it out, just put it in garbage bags and left it), he used a mop bucket I said, nasty! From one room we filled up a truckbed with garbage and filth. Sick nasty! I included pictures and a video. Keep in mind that we had been cleaning the place for about 1/2 an hour by the time I took that video. Seriously.

I really appreciate your updates Mom and Dad, and family. I would like to hear a little more about HOW you are doing and your thoughts, worries and such. I appreciate the events and all that you include, but I would like to hear more about how you are reacting to things like the move. Obviously it is stressful, what else is running through your minds? I want to hear that.

Sure love you all, and I keep you all in my prayers. Enjoy the week with family!

Elder Galbraith

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