Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Regina is so cold. Last night's windchill was -31C (approx. -24F) and we were finding.  Oh...winter did decide to come after all.  It literally switched in a day from about freezing to -20.  Oh...the forecast is saying -31C overnight for the next few nights.  Let's see if it gets cold enough to do the boiling water thing again!  Come what may and love it.  I play all sorts of games to keep myself in a good mood, like holding my nostrils together and breathing in and then letting the nostrils thaw. Cold.

We did get our phone, and Sasktel (phone company) came to set up a landline but that isn't working yet...one step at a time.  We have barely scratched the surface with all the lists. The "current investigators" they had won't pick up their phones, so we get to find our own, but that's ok.  We did contact a former investigator from about a year ago and set a baptismal date with him.  We asked him if he had any questions and he just said, "how does baptism work?"  Oh ya.  His name is Leo and his BD is for the 25th of Feb.  Oh, speaking of which, Irene from Kenora got baptized!!!  Elder Perkins sent me pictures and he baptized her and she looks great.  Wow.  It is such an exhilirating feeling knowing that I helped shape someone's life for eternity!  It gives me a boost of the Spirit when I think about it.  Other things going on in Regina....we now only have Zone Conferences every other transfer, so I don't have to plan one for a while now...I work with 3 district leaders, and 23 missionaries across the province.  There used to be about 40 when I was up in Saskatoon about a year ago, but with the mission shrinking its numbers it’s down to 23 on this side of the mission.  Yet, with the 23 the work is still doing better than before.  Elder Bodily is a district leader in Regina, did I tell you that?!  Oh, I just love being around him, Elder Dunn and Elder McDanel.  Lots of spunk, lots of energy and lots of work ethic. (This keyboard is terrible and it keeps skipping the first letter of words so if you see one missing you know why, ga, that was not on purpose).  I am actually travelling up to Saskatoon this week as part of visiting missionaries in the Zone and I will be heading to up Saskatoon tomorrow, Prince Albert on Wednesday and the Battlefords on Thursday.  Brrr.  Check out how far north those are!  Then I return to Regina on Friday and work my area again.  I enjoy all of this work a lot because it helps me focus on the work and how I can help others, but it’s very tiring.  But again, I really do enjoy it.  To answer your question as to which towns I will travel to, I will go to the before-mentioned ones, and also Weyburn, Yorkton, and soon, Moose Jaw.  Lots to do, eh?

Some fun things that happened here are that I did another baptismal interview!  Very exciting.  Also, I had a Chinese gal write my name in Chinese and pronounce it--it looks crazy and I won't even try pronouncing it.  We street contact here a lot and have found a lot of Chinese people.  Lots of work has been done with Chinese people here...it’s only a matter of time before China opens up to the gospel. Then down in I-Falls for the last time I left Elder Mitton with a bunch of things to send home that I didn't need.  No, I do not need any of those things anymore.  You can just tuck them away somewhere.  Don't worry about the shipping.

Everything has been such a blur here, I am about out of things to say, knowing that so much has happened but that I can't remember it at all.  None of the computers here (that I can find) have SD ports, all require a camera cord and I am still waiting for mine from Kenora.  So, no pictures yet, sorry.  My only advice for everyone is to STUDY the scriptures and not to just READ them.  It's something that I am trying to work on again because I was getting into the habit of just reading.  So, study, and apply the teachings!  Thanks for all the updates, keep me and my big jacket in your prayers!  Love you all!

Elder Galbraith

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  1. Hi Shirley,
    Robert's Brother Bryant has a daughter Karin living in Regina. i will get her last name and address. TJ will run into them at some point, they are very active there. I enjoy reading about TJ experiences there in cold Regina. I can tell that he is a "good" missionary.