Monday, January 30, 2012

Finally, pictures!

                               Regina morning

                              Getting dressed to go out
Well, this past week has been another good, growing week. The normal highs and lows of missionary work, with some extra flavor as I experience more highs and lows while dealing with missionaries spanning an entire province.

Elder Dunn and I did well in the presentation, by the way. I was super nervous going into it, but we did well and I was surprised with how well I did to feel comfortable presenting the message to lots of missionaries, and President. Something I am working on is feeling comfortable in front of big groups and small-talking better with people on the street, on doorsteps and all around town. People skills, and I remember Bro. Callens telling me once that it just comes through experience. I should rephrase the first part of the goal because I feel comfortable in front of large groups, but I want to better inspire people in large groups while using talents that God gave me and as an end result, help myself and help them. I hope that makes sense. It is a joy to grow in life, especially while on a mission. For anyone remotely thinking about serving one--WHY NOT? Or maybe the WHY--God told you to, and I know that I have grown in a lot of ways and continue to. There really is not anything that I would trade for the experiences I have had with wonderful people on my mission--people like the Osters, like Mike, like Irene. To see people turn 180s in their lives is something undescribable.

I am finally able to send some things after not being able to for a while! Thank Elder Dunn for that one. You will get pommelled by a few emails, the pictures here are some cold weather ones. It was below -40 windchill all day one day. The only reason my toe turned yellow and white was because I didn't dress properly. Don't worry! I am better about it and have ALL the necessary clothing to be warm and as comfortable as can be in that kind of weather. Besides, the next few days will be hovering around freezing anyway. I can do this stuff--easy. Elder (Nate) Munk just sent me an email telling me that the coldest thing he has experienced in the past year or so was at a restaurant when the thermostat was "accidentally" set at 17C (about 63F). Different world, EH?

                              Cold toes

I really appreciate the spiritual things you both included. I am working on my own growth right now and have a plan set to have legitimate "greenie fire" again. For me it includes being optomistic and full of hope, and never judging people. Easier said than done, but I am confident that I can BE that. I am also confident in myself now, but I say that carefully because of course the One to be confident in is the Lord.

Thanks for your efforts in finding me a place at school. I greatly appreciate that. Also, I had a thought, if Spencer Calvert is attending BYU and if there is still a vacancy in our apartment, I would LOVE for him to room with us if he chose to. Oh, wow...Lance AND about 7th Heaven.

I am heading up to Saskatoon tomorrow for missionary exchanges. Good things happening here in Regina YSA. Please continue to keep us and our zone (and mission of course) in your prayers.

I will cut it here so I have some time to finally send some pictures. Don't know how many, but hopefully enough to keep you happy :)

I love you all!
Elder Galbraith

                                     Did I forget something?

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