Monday, July 25, 2011

Hello, Kenora

Happy Birthdays to my Mom and Auntie Sharon, and Happy belated Birthday to Grandma Jeannette!

Wow. Kenora is probably one of the prettiest places I have ever been before and it feels more like a resort than a missionary area because of all the lakes, trees, HILLS, and scenery. Sheesh, I have probably taken 100 pictures of just the scenery...ok probably 20 or so, but still, I am a guy and me taking 20 pictures is like Mom taking 100.

Kenora is right smack on top of the Canadian Shield, and so there are so many rocks, lakes and trees. Wow. This and the west side of Snoqualmie Pass are probably some of my favorite places to see. So much green! Speaking of lakes, it sounds like one of these P-Days I am going to go fishing for the first time in Lake of the Woods. Sounds good to me! In the winter, maybe I will go ice fishing...There is a referral given to us that runs a legit bobsled team with the dogs and all that, and offers members rides every winter, so I will be able to check that off my bucket list in the winter (I expect to be here through part of the winter). Exciting stuff, lots to write about.

Ok, so my new companion, Elder O'Driscoll, is from Wallsburg, Utah. Find that on a map without a computer. Good luck. It’s northeast of Provo. He is in his last transfer now, meaning I will get someone else in 6 weeks. He is excellent at finding and there is stuff to learn from him, for sure.

Flowers in their garden

We moved into our apartment on Saturday, after pretty much camping at a members place. We moved into the Senior couples' place (they left) and it is really just a small house, not an apartment. Wow, I have been so spoiled with my past 3 apartments Kingsmere's (Saskatoon) was nice, I-Falls was immaculate, and Kenora's apartment is just as nice. Sheesh. Jefferson (Winnipeg) get to hear about that when I get home....

Because we have no investigators, we have been doing a lot of finding (seeking out people to teach). Some member work, but more finding. In fact, yesterday Elder O'Driscoll and I were able to set 2 baptismal dates with a young couple we found 2 days ago, Nick and Crystal. Ha, they are our only investigators. We have appointments for later tonight with potentials, so cross your fingers, so-to-speak.

Elder Galbraith, Mike and Larry Wilcox

Oh, yes, Mike Wilcox, back in I-Falls was baptized! That sure seems like a long time ago. It was a great time and that member did baptize him. It was all really good and there was something like 20 people there, with refreshments of course. So good. I heard that Elder Bodily and Elder Mitton set a baptismal date with a gal that Elder Bodily and I only met once before I left. To add to that, the new Dryden, Ontario elders have had SO much support from members and had 3 baptismal dates essentially waiting for them. So this newly-created Ontario missionary district is on fire! Sheesh. Yes, it’s not necessarily the missionaries, but the Spirit that does the work, but success is predicated upon some level of obedience. Then again, success is not measured in baptisms, but is truly measured by someone's devotion to the work. But baptisms are still exciting though!So when Elder O'Driscoll and I first got to Kenora we parked our car at the senior couple's place and they took us out to a member’s place, the Ambs, who live out in Sioux Narrows, about an hour away. It’s still in our area! The Ambs live on the Lake of the Woods, and it is beautiful out there. I keep thinking..."is this really my area?" There are so many rivers and lakes here! Wow, when I look at a map it is ridiculous how many there are.

Saturday night was really where it hit me how much I missed I-Falls. I felt like I "grew up" as a missionary there and really missed it and the people there. It’s weird, but it was almost like when I left Redmond. I guess that kind of connection happens when every moment you are in someone else's service. But church and meeting with Nick and Crystal really boosted my spirits and I am beginning to feel a little connection here (aside from the scenery).

I am so lost for words that I really cannot think of what to say, so I will send some pictures your way instead. Keep me in your prayers. I hope I answered everything. I love you all,

Elder Galbraith

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