Monday, June 27, 2011

Where did June go?

Oh I have stories this week. Such a better week.

But first, no Dad, that family has no relationship to Elder Bodily....I do remember the Mason's name, but they were always on missions when I was growing up, so I never got to know them....GREAT NEWS from Kirkland's youth conference! flooding here yet, it's been raining like mad the past week...

I have to tell you about our investigators first.

So I have occasionally been telling you about our investigator Mike, and his brother Larry. What I have not told you is their nicknames. Now, Larry was always drunk and so wishy-washy, and so we jokingly called him Larry "Rock-Solid" Wilcox, which turned into Larry "the Rock" Wilcox. We were teaching another Mike, who was like 5'5" and we called him Little Mike, and so Mike Wilcox was nicknamed "Big Mike", and it has stuck. So we teach "Big Mike", and Larry "the Rock". Hilarious.

We first met Larry while tracting and he was plastered drunk. He let us in and we came back the next 2 days, each time teaching a little bit, seeing if he was like that all the time, if he would be worth teaching because he was always drunk. The 3rd time we met with him his brother Mike was there and he was really interested. A few days later Larry passed out after having drunk so much alcohol, that he was shipped off to Duluth (3 hours away) and put on life support for a week. Then he was put in a nursing home to recover for a number of weeks, and came home this week, so the joke between Elder Bodily and I has been that this week is the "Return of the Rock". Larry is now a full-diabetic, and so he cannot have anymore alcohol, which is actually a good thing--no more alcohol. We took him and Mike on a church tour, and Mike came to church yesterday! Larry was sick.

So Mike came to church, as did another progressing investigator, Phil Barstow, who is married to an inactive member who really pulled through for us this week. His wife went online and bought Phil a beautiful quad! Oh, that is a huge deal!

Another investigator I have told you about occasionally is Geri Conecni. She is a former Jehovah's Witness and part of their doctrine is they cannot enter into any other house of worship of any other faith. So, its get her to church. This week we got her to come inside the church to watch the Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration movie. Ya, she came inside the church! That is a huge deal. She did not come to church, but hey, just coming for that great movie was a huge step.

Hey could you please send me my pink tie that I left back home? I miss that tie--which reminds me, Elder Bodily and I gave Larry and Mike the ties we were wearing after a lesson. We just gave them the tie right off our necks. Oh, what an experience, except that I felt naked walking back to the car without one, and the branch president drove by and gave us a hard time. Oh, the timing.

More BIG news is that there legitimately were more people in Fort Frances at church than in I-Falls. There were 31 people in I-Falls at church (felt packed), with 3 investigators included there. There were 33 people in Fort Frances. Improvement eh? Looks like it is coming alive? Ok, the truth is that every 2 years a big Utah family (with their extended family) comes up and stays for a week or 2. So, they have 23 people, which means there were 10 other people--improvement. I am not the only one in the audience anymore! Ha, having the Osters there really does provide a support. Love that family. Poor Bro. Oster was not there yesterday, so he missed all the action and probably thinks that we are making up some big lie about there being 33 people at church.

AND, missionaries are being put back in Kenora, Ontario and Dryden, Ontario, for the first time in over 10 years. Big things are happening out in Ontario in the CWM. I hope I can stay to be a part of the first missionary district in Ontario for such a long time. Its nice to know that I was a part of leading up to it though.

So Kim sent me some girly stickers back in October. The past few weeks I have been putting them on Elder Bodily's stuff when he hasn't been looking and it is driving him crazy. Oh, its hilarious, he is wondering where they are and keeps laughing when he sees something like "Its a girl thing" on his dresser. So Kim, they are kind of being put to good use--kind of.

Last good story. Back a month or so on a trip to Winnipeg we were trying to take a raccoon skin across the border for a missionary to use for his scripture case--that is a long story, just go with it, it's a LONG story. We were also bringing some cheese across the border for other missionaries. When going through customs they asked if we were bringing anything over I thought to myself, "I can't lie", so the conversation was hilarious. It went something like this:

Officer: "Bringing anything across today?"
"Oh, just some groceries and a raccoon pelt." I said, as if nothing out of the ordinary.
"What was that last thing?" She asked.
"A raccoon pelt." I said deliberately.
Oh, she looked so shocked, she asked where it was, and really grilled us as to what we were doing with this thing and why. She took it inside and the whole 9 yards...we got it across. The whole ordeal was hilarious though. Just some groceries and a raccoon pelt...Got it across...Another time we got some deer steaks across nearly the same way. That time the officer said, "usually I wouldn't do something like this, but this time I will let it go" Ha! Me and borders...I have to be honest though, and tell them what is coming across, and if I am honest, it's ok!

That is all, thanks, I love you all - keep the prayers coming.

Elder Galbraith

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