Monday, June 20, 2011


Guess what? I am in Winnipeg. Surprise! We are having a Zone Meeting tomorrow, so Elder Bodily and I drove up this morning and had a chance to get together and play sports with the Winnipeg missionaries this afternoon. I haven't lost my ulimate frisbee skills, let me tell you. It’s so good to just run around with friends that I have made.

I heard that Maddie and Halle had competed in a track and field thing, but I didn't know that it involved so many schools. They did great! Tell Mads to do sprints in track, and tell Halle that those boots are secretly rocket boots that make her run fast.

Yes, the mosquitoes are out, but they haven't been bothering me as badly as I thought they might. I still get bit, but ever since bed bugs in the beginning of my mission I have not had as many mosquito bites. Thank goodness.

Wow, the Mariners pretty much have a new player at every position since mid 2010. What is their record? Wow, that all sounds so good! Good ol' M's. Sounds like things are picking up for them, sheesh. I am rooting for them to go all the way and finally make it to the World Series. I hear the M's have some great young hurlers (rumors even get to missionaries...).

As for the work, wow it was such a trying week. Nothing seemed to work for a number of days. People were constantly rescheduling and hardly any of our progressing investigators could meet. The situations surrounding the reasons were stupid, and I legitimately was frustrated all of Thursday because it seemed nothing was working out and these little things kept keeping us from working, but I have a great companion who helped me out and was patient with me. By Friday I was good to go and had set goals for improvement, and guess what, we found success on Saturday, meeting a young family while tracting, and we taught the family--we taught a family! That is so rare! They are going on vacation for a couple weeks, but we can contact them after that. Fingers crossed! We also met with Mike on Saturday, and he is easing off of smoking and his testimony seems to be growing. He has not been able to come to church yet, and has been upfront about that, but he says he should be coming this week. Keep those prayers coming! Oh, backup for a minute. On Tuesday we got members of the branch together (no investigators able to come) to watch Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration, and I really felt inspired to try to be more Christlike, like how Joseph Smith was. Little did I know that I was going to be tried later that week, sheesh...Sunday was very rewarding when Brett Eidman brought not only his 3 kids, but his girlfriend. Oh ya! That was huge, let me tell ya. The entire family had attended a primary activity earlier in the week, and then they showed up to Sacrament and stayed for the entire block of meetings. Oh, that was such a milestone, because she may be opening up and that can only help us try to baptize his oldest daughter Chloe, who is 8. Amanda, the girlfriend, believes in God, but apparently is one who does not believe in organized religion. We will see.

How different have Michael and I's missions been in your eyes? How different is it communicating? I am interested to know...

I do not have any pictures this week, maybe some after Zone Meeting. Next week I will be back in Winnipeg for Zone Conference, but that will be on Thursday, so I will hear from you before then. I love you much,

Elder Galbraith

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