Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

It’s sure Memorial Day, and I am still emailing you from a library. Confused? All I had to do was cross the border and email in Fort Frances library. Too easy. Oh, I love the benefits of having an area that includes 2 countries.

Elder McDowell sang in a Spurs vs. Jazz game?! He mentioned he might in a letter he sent me a while back, but wow! He was able to! So jealous.

I guess the biggest news from this week is what happened at church in the Falls. We had 3 investigators come, and Brett Eidman came--and brought his kids! To remind you, Brett was the inactive guy who we bumped into in January and we finally were able to meet with him in February and he really took off when he read the Book of Mormon. He comes to church every week (missed 3 weeks due to jail time...) and this week he brought his kids! They are 8 and 5, so the oldest could potentially be baptized. Wow. So exciting. More on the work this week...Mike, the chain smoker, had a family emergency down in the Twin Cities and we were not able to meet with him, but we have an appointment set up on Wednesday, so we will see how that comes. We had a great referral from a less-active member of the branch here and we have met with this guy, Thomas, a few times and he seems interested. Thomas is about 20 and is seeking direction and hope in his life. Golden! The hardest part is meeting with him, because he is difficult to catch. Elder Bodily and I invited 2 people to baptism this week. Neither feel they are ready to even set a date, even though they absolutely are. Both will be baptized in the long-term. Their names are Geri, and Connie. Geri is a former Jehovah's Witness and she found that she really does not agree with some of their doctrine due to sacred experiences. Because of her association with that particular group, she is of the mindset that she really has to think things through and totally understand things before acting. Connie is an interesting case, in that she is the mother of a recent convert and Connie believes the Book of Mormon to be scripture, she believes the doctrine of the Plan of Salvation and she believes in Joseph Smith and modern prophets, but is unable to overcome alcohol. She claims to just drink a glass or 2 a night and she does not see the need (or have the desire) to quit. Gah. But she has quit smoking and is reading and praying nearly every day, so she will come along.

This week in church the members got a triple dose of missionaries. In I-Falls, Elder Bodily and I both spoke in Sacrament Meeting, substituted Gospel Doctrine and shared a portion in a special 3rd hour meeting where we helped to unveil the new Branch Mission Plan. Then we spoke in Fort Frances too. Elder Bodily spoke on member-missionary work, and I spoke on some of the importance of missionary work and the effects it can have on people, and I shared some experiences too. Talks are always fun to prepare.

Elder Bodily mentioned one time that his dad was a general contractor and that seemed vaguely interesting. Dad, can you tell me a little about what a General Contractor does, what schooling is necessary and what their general daily schedule might be? Is that something that you may know from your field of work? It seemed interesting and something that was somewhat flexible enough so that I could enjoy my job and spend precious time with family too. Just curious...

We had a few funny experiences this week. I think people are naturally hilarious, whether its how scared they are of people in white shirts and ties, or how people try "burning out" in front of missionaries to be cool or whatever. People are funny, and 2 boys whizzed past us in a moped while shouting some words I won't repeat, but the joke really was on them with what they said and were wearing...People are just funny, especially when it comes to religion.

You mentioned me possibly moving this upcoming transfer? I hope not! Yes, we do find out about transfers later this week, but I expect to stay at least 6 more weeks here, but who knows, President can do what he wants. I would love to stay here and see things continue to improve. We are beginning to visit more less-actives in Fort Frances and hope to see things happen over there, especially with the Osters now deciding to attend over there so they can receive callings (live in Fort Frances, but attended I-Falls because bigger...could not receive callings though, so switched back). Wow I love that family and will miss them when I leave--whenever that is.

Well my mind is going about a million miles an hour, and I think....I think I am out of things to say. Keep I-Falls in your prayers please! Thanks, Love you all, and remember what the best part of the Gospel is.....that it’s all true.


Elder Galbraith

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