Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Canadian, eh?

Happy birthday to Mike today, and happy birthday to my dad on Thursday! Both are not getting older, just wiser.

For whatever reason, this past week was long. It didn't feel long as it was happening, but when I look back at what I did Tuesday and Wednesday, that feels like forever ago. I say that because we set a baptismal date with a guy named Mike Wilcox on Wednesday, and that feels like an eternity ago. Weird. But Mike Wilcox is doing great--he knew the Book of Mormon was true before we met him, and knows that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I was kind of taken aback, and then invited him to be baptized. Really, his only trouble will be kicking his smoking problem. He smokes like a chimney and every time we walk in there (even if only 5 minutes) we have to go home, change our clothes and shower. Yes, seriously. During an hour-and-a-half visit he went through 6 cigarettes, so yes, he definitely has a challenge to overcome, but I believe he can do it. The date is for June 25th. Your prayers were heard!

Elder Bodily is doing great. He went in for that ear appointment earlier in the week (feels so long ago). He has tiny tubes in each ear to help him hear, and one apparently got plugged with blood somehow. They cleaned it out and bada-bing he is good to go again. He is a tremendous help to me, as he is very bold and just wants to get things done. I can be bold, but he helps me out. I am the type that likes to always be working, and he has some creative ideas about how to go about the work.

I cannot remember if I have mentioned a short movie produced by the Church called the John Tanner Story. Wow, it is so good. It is 20 minutes long and tells of how John Tanner, a member back in the early days of the Church, gave EVERYTHING he had and then some. He understood the Law of Consecration and lived it. I cry at the end of it--every time. Look it up on YouTube or somewhere and watch it for FHE or something.

You are going down to the Munks’ for board games? So jealous. You have to tell all of them hi for me. Win a game or 2 for me too. I miss board games at the Munks’. We have played Risk and Monopoly with Bro. Oster and Boden on a few P-Days, and I love it. I miss board games, but I am still surviving.

Speaking of the Osters, they had us over for supper on Thursday. He marinated the meat for 5 days and then smoked the meat for 12 hours beforehand. Oh ya. So good! I just love them, they are so great to be with. They are heading back to the temple soon, and I am so excited for them. Remember how great the blessings of the temple are! I am not near one, and have not been for 10 months, and sure wish I could attend again. So take advantage of the opportunity to have a temple nearby!

I keep forgetting to tell you about the pumpkins up here. Oh....gross. Pumpkins? In May? Sort of. Many people just leave their pumpkins out after Halloween! Maybe it’s snow? It's disgusting! I am at a doorstep and the remnants of pumpkins are on the side of doorsteps--probably just kicked off--all black, yellow and nasty. Pumpkins in May! Ugh. Please, if you read this, throw your pumpkins away a week or 2 after Halloween. Sick.

I was wondering if you could send me my thumb-drive from school, because I was hoping to put a few Mormon Messages on it, and a few inspirational videos so that I could go to an investigator's place, pop it in their computer, and have different clips/videos right away. I suppose it’s no huge deal if you cannot find it. If you cannot find it, then do not worry about it, but I believe it would be in a school binder, in one of those pouches that I keep pens/pencils/erasers/pencil lead. The pouch is purple, if that helps.

That’s about it. I guess I will mention that I am sewing my International Falls "I-F" pattern into my scripture case. It takes so long! But it will all be worth it when all is said and done.


Elder Galbraith

Looks like spring has arrived. Note Little Red's rope ladder in the foreground.

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