Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Snow's gone

"Sorry, I can't talk, I'm watching curling." Someone actually told me that yesterday. I just had to laugh afterward. Seriously? Elder Morris and I were tracting and a guy answers the door, says he's watching curling and has to go and shuts the door. Oh, people are so funny on doorsteps!

Yep, I am feeling great again. No flu anymore, thank goodness. Elder Morris was messed up this past week with it, but he got over it and we were out working.

I have a few good stories this week...we got the police called on us. Haha. Apparently there were some "suspicious men with hoods, well-dressed, walking the streets and writing things down." It was raining; of course we have our hoods on! Someone who obviously didn't want to talk to us face-to-face called the police in hopes of getting us off the streets. Nice try, but can't happen. So we were just walking and a police officer pulls up and asks us a few questions and said the claim was ridiculous and just was doing his duty and drove off. Funny stuff.

Oh ya, I'm officially a Canadian citizen! Oh ya! I got some papers back telling me I am official and I got this pretty card to prove it. Well mom and dad, I am officially a Canadian. A Yankee Canuck, if that is possible. It's already come in handy crossing the border because they are now always asking me where my visa is. Well, I don't have one. If you remember, back in Winnipeg when I flew in I told them I was working on my citizenship, didn't show them any papers or anything, and they just stamped my passport and let me through. I didn't ask any questions!

It’s so sad to see the snow go! Wow, I didn't think I would be sad to see it, it’s just that I had such a great time while it was around. I helplessly watched our deer maze shrink until it disappeared. I should have some sort of memorial. Almost all the snow is gone, and it’s blazing hot here. Ok, not hot, but it feels great. Our thermometer tells us about 50F. Heat wave!

Happy birthday to Elder Nate Munk, who is the big 2-0! Probably celebrating on a hot sandy beach somewhere in the Philippines. Nate, you have your reward. As for me, I am still a "less-accountable" teenager right? Well....

I was reading in the Gospel Principles book and came across a great quote that said something like "helping others in need--what a formula for happiness". I really liked that!

My great missionary story this week is about Brett. I think I have mentioned him a time or two before. To jog your memory, he was baptized when he was 11 or so and immediately went inactive and has not been back to church since. We tracted into him and he told us to call him back in a few weeks. Sounds pretty shady, right? I thought so. Well we got a hold of him, taught him and a friend a few times, and he had a lot of crazy ideas of doctrines that really got me doubting, making me think "this guy is going nowhere". He didn't want to read the Book of Mormon or come to church. Well, after some effort (and the Spirit) we gave him a Book of Mormon, and once he started reading he really took off! He read like 10 chapters between visits a few times and got really into these "Nef-ee and La-mon" guys. We told him they are Nephi and Laman, ha. He was making all sorts of parallels left and right. Then, he sat back in a lesson after giving a parallel and said to himself "I think I should come back to church". Oh ya! He came the week before Conference, came for a portion of a session of Conference and came yesterday and refers to the Church as his church. Oh ya! It was an additional testimony to the power of the Book of Mormon in changing people's lives. Brett said that people around him have begun to see a positive change in his life. The Gospel is true!

Haven't got that parcel yet, probably coming today. Oh, and I have one last gift idea for you...my ultimate frisbee. I didn't take it to the MTC because they discouraged sporting equipment in the MTC but it is absolutely fine to have it out here. Plus, if I ever go back to civilization, I will be able to play it on P-Days. Oh ya!

Those logs in that picture are just out of town and are part of the big Boise Paper plant here. They just seem to go for miles, don't they? So I thought it would be neat to take a picture by them. As for that basketball picture...no, I am not standing on 5 feet of snow. Looks like it though, doesn't it? Haha. I gotcha! Those are some short hoops at a park in town. The sign in the background gives it away that the snow really isn't that deep.

You are remodeling the house? Whoa. You'll have to send me pictures. Again, is this a sign that you are moving? It’s ok, I am just curious.

One last tidbit for Dad...we were at the Osters and had a time to chat and computers came up, and I told him I have AVG Free Anti-Virus on my computer. He immediately told me to remove it from my computer due to freeze-up problems it can cause. He recommended something like N-O-D 32 (?). He said it really works and I trust him because he works on computers. Well Dad, that decision to change that software is in your court. If you do have any questions, feel free to give him an email at ambwoster@hotmail.com, or to ask me.

I love my family. They are so dear to me, and I so greatly appreciate the lessons my parents taught me, for all the baseball games, soccer games, track meets and wrestling matches that they came to. Their support of me may not have meant too much then, but looking back it really, really helped me see that they care for me. Love you mom and dad. And my siblings! Mike and Kim are excellent examples of loving siblings and Christ-like attributes. Thank you. Godspeed. Love,

Elder Galbraith

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