Monday, October 4, 2010

Hi from Saskatoon

I saw my college buddy (Elder) Andrew Naylor in the MTC choir that performed in the Priesthood session!!! At least I think I did...I about had a heart attack when I saw him singing!

Well it's true that I am now in Saskatoon. I traveled by improvised hitch-hiking. Talk about weird! They are cutting back--no, I traveled by car. I was hoping train or piggy back or something unique, but it sure was a wonderful drive! Get this...there were hills--ya, hills-- on the way to Regina. I took about 10 pictures of the first hills I saw. They are really wimpy, but when all I have seen has been pancake flat, it was very exciting. I even saw a man-made ski hill. Pathetic, but that’s all they have to work with, so I am proud of Canada for making that effort. Nothing like the Cascades!

I absolutely, positively love Elder Butterfield, my new companion! His countenance and speech, pretty much everything, remind me of Michael. And anyone who knows me knows that I look up to my siblings more than anyone for examples!!! Yes Mom and Dad, you are right there too. But me comparing him to Michael makes me absolutely love Elder Butterfield! What a pure soul. He is so humble, so enjoyable to be around...he is the type of missionary I am striving to become! I look up to everything he does. And he is from Eagle, Idaho! Kim, he is from the Eagle 3rd ward and will be coming home mid-November, so I will keep Kim posted and maybe she can see his "homecoming" or at least chat with him!

Supper with Auntie Susan and Uncle Brent was so therapeutic. It was great to see family, and the food was of course delicious. I visited with the boys and they showed me some Nerf guns they bought. I am so proud! Whenever I go back to Winnipeg, I hope to be able to do it again! I do have this hunch (its only an educated guess) that I may be in Saskatchewan for a while now. I love it here, but I only receive mail once or twice a transfer (6 weeks). But other than that, there are more hills here and it has the most beautiful sun rises I have ever seen. I watched the sun rise from the apartment the past 3 days. So gorgeous. It's just...flat out east and nothing blocks the sun.

Auntie Susan told me of a funny story about Mike and Legos. Does that ring a bell Mikey? You apparently wanted my Lego set (who wouldn't?) that I got for Christmas. I laughed pretty hard there.

You went to Idaho? Wow, only 2 drivers, tough eh? Weather was in the 90s? Well its been really warm here, yesterday was 25C. But I have heard it is going to be an unusually cold winter. BRING IT! Anyway, good for Tayson! He can play football as long as it does not interfere with his track, ok? Doesn't Riley become a deacon soon? I'm excited for him! Poor Kim, she is the ultimate example of faith to me. Wow. I really pray that things will get better for her. You know I love you so much Kim. Mom and Dad, I hope you told everyone in Idaho that I love them! Oh, was it weird to be visiting everyone and not to have a rambunctious teenager around? A lot less exciting...kidding.

Sorry if I appear rushed in my email...I have about half the amount of time I had in Winnipeg here on these computers at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. It’s weird being around college aged people and to not be "a part" of the college experience. I proudly am in my suit with everyone looking at me funny---so all is normal. Speaking of suits, between this Conference and next in April, I have to wear my suits every day. Ya, only my suits. So sometime I may send home a pair or 2 of slacks to free up space in my suitcase.

I was pondering General Conferences addresses--I saw all 5 sessions. Elder Scott's talk about faith and character was directed at me because I went in to Conference with the question of "how can I put faith in action?" I also have been trying to improve all aspects of my character. Everything in his talk hit home. I cannot remember who gave the talk about keeping honor to our names, but I really pondered my names. Terje James Galbraith--3 distinct cultures, with 3 different family lines that all lead up to me, with many I am sure, hoping and cheering me on in heaven. I hope that some have a special interest in me. I would like to share some insights with my family:

Love you all so very much! I love you all, and never forget it!

Elder Galbraith

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