Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

I apologize if my letter is any shorter today, I felt I needed to tell Nate some things from my mission experience. So, apology in advance.

Dad here - Elder Galbraith sent home a memory card from his camera so we could copy the pictures to his computer. There were also several short videos, including one that had some not-very-missionary-type music playing, hence the following comment.

Ok, the music there was NOT radio music. Radio is not allowed. That is the type of music that many missionaries listen to, not that I am condoning (?) it! It was on and I got a little wild for sure; I am finding better ways to release energy, and still trying to be obedient. That is about as wild as I have gotten. Please leave all pictures on, just copy them over, that way I can clear up pictures at my discretion in the field. I believe Eclipse is ok, as is Inside Out's Primary Colors, with any EFY type music I have. I love instrumental hymns on the piano that are creatively arranged. Could you send my Eclipse CD sometime? As far as packages go, I would say to still send them to mission office, not directly to my apartment, especially if others do that I think that many packages would arrive after I have left.

I did hear about Brendin! I emailed him to congratulate the stud! I felt like he was going to go somewhere wild, and I think Brazil would be fairly wild! Good for him! I cannot view the video you sent me because it would send me to Youtube, and I cannot go to any other website. Sorry Bern!

I really hope Dad is doing well! I have another challenge for my parents: In your search for answers, I am sure that you 2 have upped your "spiritual game" if you know what I mean. But I challenge you to give it ALL you have for...4 days, or so. All you have! Prior to my mission I never said prayers first thing when I woke up--do it!!! I did not study the scriptures very long on a consistent basis--do it! Give more thanks in your prayers! Read chapter 6 in PMG and study the verses and apply them to yourself. Continue with family prayers and scripture study (and personal scripture study). I have learned that if I want help from the Lord, I better be willing to give it all I have to show the Lord I mean it. I know you two have started doing some of these things, and I am sure they have already blessed your life, but continue, and go above and beyond! Its easy for a missionary to say, but please try doing these things! I look to Kim at her example when she was going through difficult times and she would just read the words of the living prophets! Thank you Kim! She and Mike could probably give better advice than I can. But I know you are trying, and I pray for my family every night! Love you and know you are trying diligently!

I had a wonderful Zone Conference yesterday (on Thanksgiving) where they asked the missionaries if they knew their parents conversion stories. I was saddened that I have not asked for my parent's conversion stories. So....Mom, Dad, and even Mike and Kim, sometime in the next few weeks could I hear of your conversion stories?

I greatly look up to the Tryon family and their diligence and missionary efforts. Please tell them thank you for the weekly letters! Very therapeutic, minus the giant picture of a bed bug they sent me, I practically screamed and dropped the picture. Not really, because I am so tough, but I was...frightened.

Hey, now on to lighter things...I like being a rebel and supporting the Calgary Stampeders out here. The Roughriders are huge here! So, I wonder if I could snag a red hoodie or something for Christmas or my b-day way down the line...there is nothing here. And a BYU tie! It does not have to be an official one, but if it just had white and cougar-blue stripes that would suit me perfectly. I cannot have too much red if you catch my drift.

I sung hymn #82 for the first time in my life...look at it and then say "what the....?"

The ward here is about 75% newly married couples, which is a little odd. A few years--I mean MANY years off, eh? But the Wildwood Ward is so great! They are very active in missionary work, which I never paid attention to back in K1. This ward is great, but the teaching pool is smaller than the one I had in Jefferson. Oh well, eh? Its growing. Things will work out.

Well I sure love serving with Elder Butterfield, I am learning so much from him! He is a great example of developing Christlike attributes and applying them--things I am certainly trying to do! I sure love my family, and thank all those who read this because that means they have taken time out of their day to "keep up" with Elder Galbraith. Thanks to them!

Love you all, but especially my parents!

Elder Galbraith

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