Monday, June 11, 2012

Stop speeding up the clock, already!!

Time is moving fast and I just have to keep up...

Have you heard of the weather here? The sky just about fell yesterday. I saw hail the size of grapes. I will let the pictures do the talking.

This week has been focused primarily on one family that we recently started teaching. Jessica and her family recently moved from Ontario where they were taught by missionaries for a few months. Now we are teaching her and 3 of her 4 children (youngest is an infant). We have taught them nearly every day this week trying to help them make their baptismal date of June 23rd but today and yesterday they realized they needed more preparation. I have spent a lot of energy the past 2 days trying to help this family...phew...these past few days have reminded me that when I spend a lot of time on other's behalf I begin to love them more. That must be one reason why mothers can love so much...

Have you created profiles yet? Missionaries are now asked to create profiles so that others can view our testimonies. We can also get on during lessons and show investigators people's testimonies on and some of the videos and Mormon Messages. It's so good! So get on and make a profile so that people investigating the Church can feed off your testimony and conversion! This past week I was browsing for an investigator and on the right side under a selection of 12 random names I saw my Uncle Bob who lives in Georgia. Funny thing. Great writeup and testimony by the way, Uncle Bob. Another face I saw was one of my MTC teachers. It really is a small world. So go and make one!

I have a challenge for my immediate family. Because every member is a missionary I want to challenge my immediate family to give a missionary pamphlet out (Restoration of gospel of Jesus Christ, Plan of Salvation, Gospel of Jesus Christ or any commandment pamphlet)  before August. That gives everyone plenty of time to seek a missionary experience and to invite someone to learn of the restored gospel. About half of the baptisms in this mission (and others I would assume) are referrals. That should remind everyone that members are vital to spreading the gospel, its not just up to the full-time missionaries. We find, but our calling is to teach. So, will you all commit to doing that before August? I know the Lord will bless you in your efforts to share what you know to be true. I know that He will put people in your path. Pray for help and it will come. So, will you?

So Dad...lately I have had lots of opportunities to introduce myself to people and even where my parents are from. People LOVE to hear that my Dad is from a town called Vulcan. Oh...its an instant conversation starter. I was on exchanges with some elders in the city this week and at one house I mentioned that my dad is from Vulcan and they jumped in and made the Star Trek handsign and started laughing and said "No way, really?!" Then while still getting to know them I asked if they were fans, they said "of course" and we talked some more about that and on to other things. It was a pretty good bond. This bond allowed me to be very bold with this member's siblings who were there and not making the best choices. Knowing they were inactive I asked if the Book of Mormon has helped them in their lives....silence...oh, I was so nervous but didn't show it. These siblings went on to describe their situations and I invited them to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and that it and the Bible have brought me to Jesus Christ. I testified and then the active member said some good things to them and I left shortly after. I felt I had fulfilled my purpose in lovingly and boldly inviting them to come again unto Christ. I know that the connection that was formed at the beginning was important to allow me to say those things. Thank goodness for Vulcan. It's helped me out, ha.

As for cars I have seen 2 new Camaro ZL1s. They look pretty good. I can't wait to see that new Shelby though...I want you to all know that I have very disciplined with cars on my mission. I don't pick up car magazines or newspapers, but I do gawk when I can. Then its back to work.

Wait, from your Mariner news do the Ms have Kevin Millwood or is he on the Dodgers? I couldn't tell with your wording, and if the M's have him, that's a huge plus. My guess is you would have said something if we did though...

Happy early Father's Day to Dad! I love you and greatly appreciate the love you have shown and given me. Thank you Dad. Love,

your son,

Elder Galbraith

More on that weather....not too many other pictures this week. More rain this week. Lots to do this week with Transfer Planning and the new Assistant will be coming in later this week. I know who it will be but he doesn't yet and won't until about Thursday. At that time Elder Skinner will go and work with the new Assistant's companion for the next week. The 4 of us (me, Elder Skinner, new AP and his companion) will likely all be staying together at the Mission Office for the first week. we go! I'm leaning into the wind and running!

Elder Galbraith

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