Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mothers' Day

Didn't I just talk to you? Eh, I like you so much that I'll fire an email off to you today too.

I laughed that Kim noticed my pronunciation of tomorrow, because I have been saying since the beginning of my mission. I have picked up a few Canadianisms. It was great to see you yesterday over Skype. You both seem upbeat and positive.

I will try to include a little more about my specific area than I have been. I don't spend as much time proselyting as I used to because of being in the Office, so sometimes I just tell you how things are going on a mission-level. But, I already told you that my teaching pool is full of exciting Chinese people and gave you all the updates. I am meeting with Gui again on Thursday night. She does not speak one word of English but she feels the Spirit as we teach and was impressed to see 2 young guys out sharing God's word. She said (through the member who translated) that "their message must be true". It is so rewarding to hear that, because all day everyday I spend my efforts trying to give others the chance to accept the Restored gospel. The Spirit confirms truth when they say that. Like I said yesterday, I feel that I am getting better at recognizing the Spirit. Not perfect yet, but I feel improvement is good, right?

While waiting for the reports to come in last night I watched a few Mormon Messages on and a few of the new Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos on too. Wow. I love those videos! They are so compelling and bring the Spirit so strongly, how could someone NOT feel the Spirit watching either set of those videos? I wanted to suggest a couple of Mormon Messages to you--or as some Manitobans say, to yous (ugh)-- "Sanctify Yourselves", which is Elder Holland speaking to Priesthood holders, and "Same Jersey" which is about 2 friends who end up both being QBs but for rival high schools. The neat part about the second video is that Elder Woods (my trainer) is from a town that is 1 or 2 miles away from those high schools. Both clips are about 5 minutes long. A quote from Elder Holland's message: "let us stand as witnesses of Christ at all times...and not in the flush of comfortable times." I liked that a lot because I feel very strongly that there are times when we really need to stand for what we believe, and that it is not easy. At times like that we internally can ask ourselves, "how committed to Christ am I?" That reminds me of Pres. Monson's talk "Dare to Stand Alone". Oh, love it!

That is about it for now. This upcoming week is what is called ZLC where the Zone Leaders from MB and SK come in and we review a few mission reports and discuss progress and possible training for the future. Elder Skinner and I are preparing a portion on being bold. This past week we took a couple of all-star missionaries to the airport as their 2 years were up. It was a difficult good-bye. Possibly one of the hardest parts about being up here is forming bonds with people and then not seeing them for a while. But that is life, right? I extend my love to those that I have taught out here and those I have come into contact with.

I love you all. Look for opportunities to share the gospel. The world needs it.

Elder Galbraith

Attached is a picture of me taking Elders Mansfield (Stafford, England) and Rothey (Denver, CO and going to BYU---apparently was in a class I had) to the airport. Great missionaries.


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