Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Road trip

My family and friends!

I am doing great! Our trip to Saskatchewan was a quality trip and Zone Conference went really well. Now I am back in Winnipeg for another eventful week and Zone Conference for the Manitoba Zone (Ontario district is in Manitoba zone). More interviews, more things to do. The list continues, but that is the best part. I like being busy.

I will give you a little rundown of my trip. On Monday we headed out and drove to Saskatoon (~8hrs) on the 1 to Regina, then to S'toon. Elder Skinner and I practiced our Zone Conference portion and then exchanged with the elders in the Wanuskewin ward (Elder Bodily and his companion). I went with Elder Bodily's companion, Elder Weeks. It is rewarding to try to help others the same way I was helped. I find that I enjoy giving people sincere compliments. Why shouldn't I if they are deserved? Compliments can build people up and can make all the difference. For example, my siblings are my role-models. My sister for her faithfulness in times of trial and for her ability to recognize the Spirit. My brother for his cheery, Christlike life that I emulate to follow. My Dad is a true family-man and I believe one of the deepest desires of his heart is to make his family happy. My Mom for being the most loving person I have ever met. I struggle to comprehend the love she has for me. Why withhold those true facts when they can continue to build others? Those are all completely true, by the way. I love my family. Back to the week---Tuesday was spent in Saskatoon, splitting time with 2 companionships on exchanges, striving to help build them up and work more efficiently towards our mission’s goals. Tuesday night we drove to Regina and spent the night. Then had mini-interviews with missionaries while President held the "real" interviews at the chapel. That took most of the day and then we drove to Moose Jaw where I was impressed by a new elder's drive and his abilities to be a great missionary. Back to Regina on Thursday morning to exchange with another companionship, then interviews, then bed. Phew...Zone Conference went well (more later) and took most of Friday. Saturday was spent traveling to Brandon, MB and exchanging there and then back to Winnipeg. Phew...

Before I forget...I remember Uncle Bill saying that he spent time in Regina on his mission. I found an old meetinghouse in Regina that was sold to another church--but it’s the original chapel in Regina! I kept going past it when I was there, thinking it sure looks a lot like one of our churches...Anyway, I thought he would enjoy that. It is off of Broad and Broadway if I remember right.

No need for birthday presents...I am already struggling for room in my suitcases. They are extremely heavy and bulging. I might need to get a few new clothes when I get home though.

My favorite part of Zone Conference was President Paulson basically telling us his conversion story. Powerful. It was his last Zone Conference and he shared a wonderful testimony. Pres. Paulson is a real person, and I appreciated his comments, which he said were confidential, so I will keep them that way. I will miss him a lot. Our portion went really well--everyone participated well and were really involved in the activity. We built a tower out of Mega Bloks and showed 2 elders a picture of it for 15 seconds, took it away and then told them to build it perfectly. They did well, but not perfectly. We then gave them instructions on how to build it and after some effort got it completed. We illustrated the point that we need to spend more time in PMG because it is the Lord's missionary instructions. We need to do missionary work the Lord's way, we need to rely on Him more. It went well.

I have been trying to rely on God more. I have gained a lot strength from the mission motto lately. I shared it a couple of weeks ago and had a typo. I will share it again: Faith is the Power, Obedience is the Price, Love is the Motive, the Spirit is the Key and Christ is the Reason. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored on the earth and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God's church once again on the earth. I have met a lot of resistance on my mission--A LOT---but when guidance has been prayerfully sought, answers have come...but not always instantaneously. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God and is divine. The past week or so I have been more bold in my declaration. If anyone has questions, visit mormon.org and go to the source first. I don't know where I would be without many of the role models in my life that have always helped me. I remember people like Bro. Gaskill who I admired as a teacher, Bro. Crandall, Bro. Callens, Bro. Litchfield, and my family of course. Many more too. Truly I have been blessed greatly in my life. Isn't it time I give back? If I have learned one thing these past months, it is gratitude. Truly, I thank God. This is God's work, and I know that I need to do it His way.

A little more lighthearted...a member gave us a ride in a brand-new VW Golf R. It purrs. Also, we still drive the truck, a new 2012 Colorado Z71. I drove a new Cruze to church yesterday to give it its first 50k's and test it out. I was really impressed---very smooth engine, clean inside. Oh...

I love my family. I pray for you all, and am especially mindful of Kim. I love you Kim. I know that God loves you too. You are an outstanding example.


Elder Galbraith

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