Monday, March 26, 2012

Final transfer

Well...why was the phone call I received on Friday my final transfer call? I am writing you from the Canada Winnipeg Mission office, where I will spend my final 3 transfers as an Assistant to President Paulson. I am nervous out of my mind, but as a good friend of mine says, "It will all buff out". Just wanted to fire a quicky off to you, the main letter is coming...
A little later -
Yup, so I am in Winnipeg. Yikes. I drove here this morning with another elder and the fun starts in about an hour and a half, when P-Day ends. I have no idea what to expect. To keep it brief, I will attend the Waverley Ward, which is in the southwestern corner of the city. I hope to be able to contact Auntie Susan and Uncle Brent! I expect I should be able to see them a few times, but having not asked President, I cannot say for sure, so don't quote me on that just yet, but I do have their number. My address is the mission office address: 845 Shaftsbury Blvd, Winnipeg MB R3P 0M5. Like I said, I am nervous with the newfound(land) responsibility and do not want to come across as "oh look I am Assistant", but you should know where I am sort-of-thing. Phew. Oh, you should know that Elder Dunn is getting transferred to...noneother than Kenora, Ontario! He will be a District Leader and was specifically asked by President to help the district out there which could use a boost. 2 other Zone Leaders will "white-wash" our area, which we left them in great shape. Oh, and my name companion's name is Elder Skinner, from Rigby, Idaho. Ha. He and I should have a lot of similarities--he knows when to be "all business" and when to be a goof.

My past week has been one of the best of my mission. I cried Saturday night in bed of a combination of happiness from the events that happened that day and the sadness of leaving the people and area behind. The whole week was a great week, and we taught a lot of really effective lessons--the most I have had since I-Falls. Then, as if that were not enough, Sis. Harder went through the temple and I was able to join her! Then Tom got baptized! On Sunday, Sarah came to church and so did another investigator who is progressing well. Wow. Like I said, lots of good stuff.

It was an amazing experience with Sis. Harder in the temple. When I first saw her it was one of those deep memories you cherish for a very long time. I saw her and she looked up at me and it was like I got totally punched by the Spirit. A sense of total joy and intense happiness filled me as I returned her smile and then I sheepishly looked down and then back up, just to feel the same feelings. It was one of those rare experiences that I will always remember. I wrote it down in my journal, so it’s official, I always will. Wow. We took some pictures outside of the temple and will have to send them to you next week when I unpack my camera cord. I have a testimony that we can find the Lord's elect!

As if that were not enough, we dashed off to Tom's baptism which went well. The ward supported him well, and Elder Dunn and I did not have to do anything--which is best, so that the members get involved in fellowshipping the new member. Damon, another Chinese recent convert, baptized him. Undescribable.

Sarah had a profound experience at church. The entire ward buzzed to see her there. The ward has been amazing, and so has Sarah's progress. She has come more slowly than I had originally hoped for, but she is sure coming along on the Lord's time. That I know. Things are working out with her, and I can't go into specifics now, but just rest assured that everyone's prayers are being answered for all my investigators. Thank you for them!

I have a lot going through my head and am really scatterbrained, so I know that I am probably missing a lot of things. Uh...

Oh, classes...I did look things over. I would still like to hear what your thoughts are about me trying to go into Business. I think this experience as Assistant will help me better determine that. After reviewing the classes I had to choose from, would 14 credits be too much? I was thinking World Civilization from 1500+ (3.0), Persuasive Writing (3.0), Golden Age of Rome (3.0), Physics (3.0) and New Testament (2.0). Is that too much? That should give you a good idea for some general classes I will need out of the way, AND classes that I think I will like.

Thank you Auntie Sharon for your letter. I really appreciated your thoughts. I really like the "sandwich" idea for praise and encouragement, and I will try to let you know how it will go.

I wanted to include a little something for Delaney, Tayson, and Emma. For reasons I don't specifically know, you have been on my mind quite a bit lately. I really hope the best for you and am excited to share some thoughts from my mission with you when I see you. I care for you all, and want to reemphasize that the gospel is true, and that I KNOW that the greatest happiness in life comes from living it. Please make daily scripture study a habit, even if it is just a few verses a night, or a chapter or 2. Please have sincere prayers. Again, I do not know why I feel prompted to say this all, but I do. I love you, all the best.

I love you all! Please keep the CWM in your prayers!

Elder Galbraith

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