Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

First of all I want to thank the Tryons for their part in the last email. They are a great family, a wonderful example of members living the gospel and of member missionary work. And of course, they send me letters each week, what can beat that? Sincere thanks to Sis. Tryon and the self-proclaimed "Tryonite tribe".

I did get things in the mail from Michael and family, and from Auntie Sharon. Thanks so much, I loved Halle's heart she drew me, and I enjoyed Maddie's story, and Auntie Sharon's gift has already gone to good use. Thanks family, I sure love you all. Oh, on a similar note, I want to wish Kim and Kade a Happy Anniversary on the 18th.

It’s been another good week up here in the Falls. Sure warmer! The snow has started melting and I am warm, I can smell the fresh air again (below freezing so long seems to quench smells--for me at least). It’s all good up here. Funny story though--a week or so ago I had a dream where I yanked my watch band and broke it. I woke up in the morning thinking that would be a terrible thing to--- OH COME ON! My watch band was broken. My dreams are ridiculous! Mike, remember when I dreamed that I swallowed my retainer and I couldn't find it for days? Doggone dreams. So I went to a jeweler in town and they fixed it and I should be picking it up today.

Did I tell you that I got a Minnesota license? It was a sad moment when they clipped my Washington license; at least I get to keep it. If I were to get a Manitoba or Saskatchewan license, they would take my former license. So they will get my Minnesota one instead of my Washington one!

This week I have really been focusing on improving weaknesses of mine. To be honest, I get irritated every time that I know I can be bolder in invitations and whatnot. So, kudos to Callens, I am improving my "boldness" again and wow, it’s great. I feel like such a better missionary when I am bolder in every aspect. This week we invited a man to live the Word of Wisdom and I made sure that he knew I was confident in him, and I had to be really bold with this guy, Gerald. I felt great leaving that appointment. Now, with that said, I am bold, but not gruff with people. Do you know what I mean? Bold, yet loving...being bold for their betterment. Does that make sense?

So this week we taught 14 lessons, so not too bad at all. A week ago we thought that we would be in Winnipeg this past week and did not have any appointments scheduled all of Tuesday or Wednesday, and consequently we only had 1 lesson taught by Tuesday. Finishing off with 14 was really good then! The formerly inactive family, the Osters (the ones who live in Fort Frances with the 9 year old Boden), are doing SO well! They have come to church the past 3 weeks and we are teaching Boden and Bro. Oster and they are both doing very well. We should be setting a baptismal date with Boden in the next week or 2.
Him being baptized will have a dramatic effect on the ward dynamics, and I am sure that at least 1 or 2 other baptisms will result when Boden is baptized. Things are so different in small branches! Sheesh. Back to the Osters...Bro. Oster is trying to find his testimony again, and wants further witnesses. I am going to share with him a great scripture. It’s in the Doctrine and Covenants, either in section 6 or 9 (leaning towards 6--I know where on the page it is, ok? ha) and the Lord says "...if you desire a further witness, cast your mind upon the night you cried unto me in your heart...Did I not speak peace unto your mind concerning the matter? What greater witness can you have than from God?" That scripture really hit home with me because I frequently desire further spiritual witnesses, and what I really need to do is to remember how I felt that night, and know that, as Alma says, "the seed is good". The gospel is such a blessing in our lives, and I took it for granted so long. Being in such small towns, I really can see how having the gospel of Jesus Christ blesses individuals and families. And the best part of the gospel? It’s all true!

One last thing: in Priesthood in the Falls we discussed sacrifices. What a blessing sacrifices are! They are outward expressions of our inner commitment to follow God. Want to know your level of faith? What are you willing to sacrifice? I saw a church movie about the story of John Tanner, an early Latter-day Saint. He gave everything he had! A brief movie of him and his story is included on that same DVD with the movie of Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration. The DVD is officially called the "Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Visual Resource DVD. Get it. No questions asked, and do not waste time getting it! I hear it’s cheap, and its spirit is priceless.

Well, I love my family.
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.

Elder Galbraith, over and out.

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