Monday, January 10, 2011

January in Minnesota

We have been watching the newspaper every morning to see the coldest place in the lower 48. Probably 6 out of the last 7 days have been withing 50-75 miles of International Falls. He wanted cold!!

Hey, before I forget, I remembered from last week's email...about the printer stuff, it may be in my drawer with all the other manuals and manila folders. Give it a try.

Well I do have the opportunity to speak fairly often here, seeing as I gave 2 talks yesterday. Ok, I gave the same talk once, but I spoke regarding the 8th Article of Faith in both Fort Francis and I-Falls. Isn't it interesting that in the wording of the Article of Faith that the Bible comes first when we, as a LDS culture, tend to put so much emphasis on the Book of Mormon alone? I think it is to show all members everywhere of the importance the Bible has in the Standard Works of the Church. Reading Christ's words in the Gospels is pretty important, wouldn't you think? So, as a missionary, I have now spent more study time in the Bible than I previously did, while not neglecting the Book of Mormon of course. Preach My Gospel chapter 5 and True to the Faith describe our use and importance of the Book of Mormon and the Bible together. Read Mormon 7, the last 3 verses, and that tells you the Book of Mormon and Bible grow together!

Yup, its cold, but not too cold. Our car thermometer is in C, so I still think in Celsius when I say that it has fluctuated between -14C and -24ish. As church began here, it was -32C (No tracting below -40). That was pretty cold, but the wind was not blowing, so its somewhat tolerable. When that wind starts blowing...everything is miserable. I feel for Mike! The wind is terrible. I do not want to live in a place where the wind constantly blows. Remember how I used to say that I did not want to live in a small town, a place that is flat without mountains, or somewhere really cold? Well somewhere windy trumps all that, especially if its cold. Ugh, wind and tracting is the worst combination. Small towns, can be kind of fun. Flat is tolerable as long as there are trees (lots of trees here in Minnesota). So I feel for Mikey - hopefully he isn't outside for too long each day! Love you, Mike!

My back is ok I guess. Nothing new, but I don't lug around a backpack, just a winter coat with a pocket New Testament and a Book of Mormon (not a pocket size). So, somewhere down the line, a small Book of Mormon would probably be the best gift anyone could send, because its lighter, and I don't have to lug around my nice scriptures.

So Auntie Sharon accepted my challenge to read Jesus the Christ? Alright! She will love it, not only for the message it has and its insights, but because of knowledge it brings and its scholarly, well-thought-out presentation.

That would be great if you could tell me what Callens says in Gospel Doctrine.

Go Seahawks!

Hey, so mail only takes 3 days to get here! This is great, amazing, spectacular, wonderful!

So my P-Days are a little different out here. Last week Elder Morris and I went running through the woods by our apartment following deer tracks. We videoed the whole epic run into the woods. The snow is 3 feet deep! We never found any deer, and our 20 minute expedition turned into an hour long trek because we got lost. But it was so fun and definitely worth it! So for today we are thinking of going to the Fort Francis chapel and playing ping pong (there is a table and stuff there) and playing the pianos there. So...seeing as I am able to play the pianos on P-Day, I wonder if you could send me my Jurassic Park and ragtime music. I miss that stuff a ton. Don't worry, I will only play it on P-Day! That would be wonderful.

So there is a member here who is going to help us make custom belts. I am so excited! He is going to help us make them next P-Day. I don't know what to put on it! Apparently he has letter stencils and a knife or something so we can do our own custom stuff...This belt will be a P-Day only kind of belt. Problem is that these belts do not come with belt buckles. Well, I may be able to fix could you send me my fancy belt buckles? This is another P-Day only kind of thing, no worries.

So I was thinking the other day...have you heard anything, or do you know anything about Bro. Gaskill? I would love to know how he is doing.

Ok, the last thing I can think of is about the work here. It was a trying week. Lots of ups and downs. Elder Morris and I found a lot of potential investigators last week and set up appointments this week, but to no avail. 12 total appointments (which is really good for this mission, so-so for the I-Falls standard), and, get this...24 lunched (no-show) appointments. Man! So we are "rethinking our inks" and thinking of different ideas for finding and setting things up. However, we did find a few really promising people. This one guy was playing Xbox (how I remember him )and was way nice and he and his fiance are promising. Good stuff, the work is still progressing up here, we have a baptismal date with someone for Feb.5, but it likely will get pushed back because he needs to get married first, and a few people that are pending. Its frustrating when we cannot get a hold of people and when they do, they miss appointments. But like I said, things are moving along, and we have a positive view on things. Elder Morris and I are working hard, and getting along great. Love you all. Godspeed.

Elder Galbraith

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